LuFisto (born February 15) is a French Canadian professional wrestler now residing in the galaxy far far away of Montreal, Japan. Always by her side is her manager and best friend, Pegaboo.



LuFisto had her first match on June 23rd 1997 in St-Léonard-d'Aston, Quebec, under the ring name Lucifer. The character was inspired by Darth Vader and The Undertaker. Her entrance music was the Imperial March from Star Wars.

She moved to Montreal to join the Royal Wrestling Ring and Northern Championship Wrestling promotions. Her name was modified to Lucy Fer in 1998 when she began travelling all over Quebec, Ontario, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Western Canada. With not many girls on the circuit, she wrestled mostly men and even won her first male championship becoming the UWA Cruiserweight Champion.

In late 1998, she joined the Eastern Wrestling Alliance under the name "Luscious Lucy" as "Centerfold" Steve Ramsey's valet. She also began appearing at Green Mountain Wrestling shows in Vermont.

By mid-1999, working for International Wrestling 2000 in Quebec, The Mountie Jacques Rougeau changed her name to Precious Lucy. At EWA, LuFisto teamed up with Mark "Jaguar" Nugera to form the "Partners in Crime" and was involved in many inter-gender bouts.

Establishing herself as a fierce competitor in matches against male opponents in the Province, on December 11th 1999, Precious Lucy became the first female in Quebec to win a male championship at Inter-Championship Wrestling. She defeated Serge Proulx for the ICW Provincial Championship. It’s also at ICW that she developed her hardcore style.

In 2000-2001, Precious Lucy mainly wrestled for ICW where she also won the ICW Tag Team championship with fellow female wrestler, Sexy Julie, becoming the first ever all-female team to win a male tag team championship. Precious Lucy pushed her limits at the Hardcore Wrestling Federation in Ontario, where she was nicknamed the First Lady of Hardcore battling tough opponents such as Tyson Dux, JC Owens and Pitbull.

In 2002, she travelled to Mexico to showcase her hardcore style. Precious Lucy made a big impression right from the start with her epic battles against Princessa Sugey. In the meantime, the Ontario Athletics Commission, citing a regulation that prevented women and men from wrestling each other, threatened to withdraw the license for the show Blood, Sweat N' Ears where LuFisto was supposed to appear in a table Death-Match. This essentially banned LuFisto from wrestling in Ontario. The upset female wrestler lodged a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

A year later, Precious Lucy became LuFisto, a name inspired by MacPhisto in Batman and Jedi Fisto in Star Wars. It's while training in Japan with Mariko Yoshida and Akino that she discovered her Super Hardcore Anime persona: Brutal violence juxtaposed with extreme cuteness!

Now residing in Montreal, Japan where all cute and violent French animes live, the colourful character kept going on the hardcore road to success with great battles against Joe Lider in Mexico. She also travelled once again to Japan to take on the impressive Amazing Kong and the legend Aja Kong!

In Quebec, LuFisto was mostly a member of the National Wrestling Alliance Quebec where she was head trainer (along with Dru Onyx) of their wrestling dojo, "Onyx and LuFisto's Torture Chamber". She also had great feuds with Misty's Misfits (Misty Haven's stable), especially with Michael Von Payton and Tank.

On February 26th 2006, the Ontario Human Rights Commission informed LuFisto that they had convinced the OAC to drop the regulation mentioned above. The OAC subsequently dropped the vast majority of the regulations affecting professional wrestling in Ontario, a move which removed a great deal of the bureaucracy stifling independent wrestling in the province.

With her buddy Sexxxy Eddy, the Missionaries of Violence took over the International Wrestling Syndicate and Combat Zone Wrestling where LuFisto became the first ever woman to hold the CZW Iron-Man champion on August 12th 2006, pinning Mr. Wrestling Kevin Steen for the title.

She debuted in Shimmer Women Athletes on October 24th 2006, 2006 in Berwyn, Illinois. She lost her first match to Mercedes Martinez but came back strong by winning her second match against Allison Danger.

On October 29th 2006, she won the Stranglehold Wrestling King of the Death Match Tournament, the first Death-Match tournament in Canada. She was also the only female participant. In the first round she defeated the Juggulator, Bill Skullion in the second round and won over Necro Butcher in the finals to win the tournament, crowning her "King" of the Death Matches.

On December 9th of the same year, after a tag match at the CZW Cage of Death event, she became the first female ever to enter the CZW Cage of Death with John Zandig, Nick Gage and Lobo. Unfortunately, on January 8th 2007 however, LuFisto was forced to step away from the ring for a few months due to a back injury. Having no other choice, she forfeited the CZW Iron Man Championship.

7 months later, on July 6th 2007, LuFisto successfully returned to action at Association de Lutte Féminine (ALF) against Kacey Diamond. On October 27th, she entered IWA Mid-South's 2007 Queen of the Death-Match Tournament where she defeated Mickie Knuckles in the finals to win the title of Queen of the Death-Match. She also won the ALF Amazones & Titans tournament with partner El Generico (WWE's Sami Zayn).

On May 10th 2008, LuFisto once again made history by stepping in the CZW yellow and black ring to become the first woman to participate in Best of the Best Tournament. Although she lost to Chuck Taylor in the second round, she was voted Best of the Best People's Choice champion by the CZW fans!

On July 5th LuFisto returned to Shimmer where she was involved in a match that was voted Shimmer Match of the Year of 2008 against Cheerleader Melissa. On August 11th, LuFisto lost to Awesome Kong in the main event of ALF Déclaration d’Indépendance. The match was voted Match of the Year of 2008 in Quebec. On September 12th 2007, she also won the vacant ALF Championship by defeating Kacey Diamond.

On October 19th, LuFisto teamed with Jennifer Blake as the "Suicide Blondes" to take part in the Shimmer Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match. They were able to eliminate the Canadian Ninjaz of Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews but came up short against The International Home Wrecking Crew of Rain and Jetta. As part of Volume 22, LuFisto was able to defeat Wesna Busic in an International Wildcard Dream Match. In November of 2008, LuFisto travelled for the first time in Germany where she fought and beat 6’1 Alpha Female at the Deutche Wrestling Allianz.

On April 17th 2009, LuFisto, who was involved in a match against Daizee Haze, introduced her new best friend to the world at Ring of Honor in Montreal: Pegaboo, a manager-doll that only LuFisto can hear. With Pegaboo at her side, it was time for LuFisto to return to Shimmer for Volume 23 on May 2nd 2009. She first defeated the debuting Kellie Skater from Australia but lost to Wesna Busic after an interference from her manager Annie Social. She came back victorious over Amber O'Neal the following day, but she lost to the Shimmer champion MsChif.

On Volume 27 she had a number one contender's match with Amazing Kong where both opponents were counted out, therefore both being declared #1 contenders. On Volume 28, LuFisto lost a three-way elimination match with Amazing Kong and winner and still champion, MsChif.

In early June 2009, the birth of a new all-female Canadian promotion, NCW Femmes Fatales, was announced. On September 5th LuFisto defeated Cheerleader Melissa in the main event of the promotion's inaugural show, making their record in singles competition 1–1. The match was voted Match of the Year of 2009 in Quebec. After the match Sara Del Rey brutally attacked LuFisto.

Once again in November 2009, LuFisto returned to Germany to participate in the DWA women tournament for their female championship. Four women had to fight in a tag match as the winning teammates would have to face each other later in the evening. Therefore, Wesna Busic and LuFisto beat Carmel and Bacardi in the first round and then fought each other. With Jackie Gayda as their special guest referee, Busic won the DWA Women championship over the Super Hardcore Anime is what is still known as the best women match that ever took place on German soil. It was unfortunately Wesna's last match.

On February 6th, 2010, LuFisto took on Cat Power at Femmes Fatales. Power defeated LuFisto via disqualification, after the referee caught LuFisto holding a steel chair, thrown to her by Power behind the referee's back. Later in the evening the team of LuFisto and Cheerleader Melissa defeated Cat Power and Kalamity in a tag team main event.

During the Shimmer tapings Volume 29 to 31 on April 10, 2010 LuFisto first forced Rachel Summerlyn to submit to her juji-gatame. She then got the pin fall on Cat Power via Burning Hammer and lost to Hiroyo Matsumoto via Back Drop Driver.

On June 5th, the Super Hardcore Anime had her revenge from the first Femmes Fatales show when she defeated Sara Del Rey in the first round of a tournament to determine the first ever NCW Femmes Fatales Champion. This event was featured on Quebec's popular TV show "Les Tripeux" on Canal Z. Sweet Cherrie and LuFisto went on to fight Les Titans at NCW in a famous Battle of the Sexes feud that lasted several months. It was voted one of the best feud of 2010 by the NCW fans.

On October 23th 2010, LuFisto first defeated Kalamity in the semi-finals and then Portia Perez in the finals of the tournament to become the first nCw Femmes Fatales Champion. In December, she returned to New Jersey All Pro Wrestling where she defeated Kalamity in what is known as one of the best women matches of the history of the company. She would then make her return to the CZW Arena the following day to fight JAPW Women’s champion Sara del Rey who won via a Labelle lock.

Beginning of 2011, LuFisto successfully defended her nCw Femmes Fatales Championship everywhere in the Province of Quebec. Her biggest challenge? None other than legend Ayako Hamada whom she defeated with her Burning Hammer after an impressive no-holds barred match!

Later that year, fans in Montreal were very suprised by the sudden change of heart of LuFisto’s nemesis, the Oncoming Storm Kalamity, when she decided to join LuFisto. Training together, they formed the deadly alliance of Fatale Fantasy. However, it was announced later that the student would now have to face the master for the nCw Femmes Fatales championship at Femmes Fatales VII.

LuFisto had once again a great showing at the Shimmer tapings of volumes 41 to 44, her match against Kana Volume 44 being her most important fight of the tapings. Everybody was shocked to see the "World Famous" Kana shake LuFisto's hand after the match as a sign of great respect for the Super Hardcore Anime, a gesture she had denied every other competitor she had faced at Shimmer before.

On October 8th 2011 in Montreal, after 350 days of being champion, LuFisto lost her nCw Femmes Fatales Championship to Kalamity in what will be remembered as an epic battle and the first Femmes Fatales main event featuring two local wrestlers. Proud of her student, LuFisto wrapped the belt around her protégée and left the ring…

On February 19th 2012, in Mexico City, LuFisto defeated La Vaquerita to become the Lucha Pop Femmes Champion! A few weeks later, she also joined the ranks of North Shore Pro Wrestling on a regular basis in Quebec City where she had her eyes set on champion Simon Martel.

At Femmes Fatales VIII on March 10th, LuFisto faced one of her biggest challenge, the original Extreme Bitch, none other than former WWF Women's Champion Jazz! In a battle that ended up in a double DQ, the match re-started extreme style! They battled everywhere in the venue until LuFisto was finally able to deliver her Mangalizer on a chair to her opponent for the victory. Both embraced as a sign of respect in the end. Later that night, following her loss to the NCW Femmes Fatales champion, Mercedes Martinez lost her mind by attacking Kalamity. LuFisto came out of the dressing room to save her protégée. All hell broke loose as both fighters brawled all over the ringside area.

On March 17th, LuFisto attended the Shimmer Women Athletes tapings for Volumes 45 to 48. First, Hailey Hatred and Kalamity defeated the new team of LuFisto and Kana in one of the best matches of the year at Shimmer but LuFisto then scored a victory over NY Knockout via Mangalizer. On March 18th, the new team of Kana and LuFisto defeated MsChif and Christina Von Eerie. Then on Volume 48, LuFisto lost to the spear – frog splash combo of Japanese high flying sensation Leon.

By April, LuFisto is was still undefeated and was getting closer closer and closer to Simon Martel’s NSPW chmapionship. In the meantime, she and student Kalamity stole the show at Toronto’s WrestleReunion as their match got tremendous critics from all the wrestling journalists and veterans in attendance.

On June 16th, LuFisto officially joined Women Wrestling Uncensored where, in an Epic Batlle of Epicness, she defeated «Black Widow» Leva Bates. However, the night was not over for the Super Hardcore Anime as she emerged from a casket in the match featuring Jessicka Havok and Mercedes Martinez! It cost Martinez the WSU championship.

On July 7th 2012 at Femmes Fatales IX, the bell didn’t even ring as LuFisto and Martinez were already fighting. They went at it all over the place until LuFisto delivered a moonsault from the top rope to the outside onto the Latina Sensation. The battle kept going outside until both wrestlers were counted out. As promoter Stéphane Bruyère was announcing the guests for Femmes Fatales X later that evening, Martinez came out of the dressing room asking for a rematch with LuFisto who showed up as well. Mercedes punched Bruyère and both nennemies went at it again until they were separated by the security. LuFisto Vs Mercedes Martinez in a Steel Cage Match was announced for November.

On October 13th, the feud between LuFisto and Mercedes Martinez escalated even more as both women fought to a 30 minutes time limit draw. They kept on fighting until the WSU locker room came out to separate them. The match was voted WSU Match of the Year 2012.

Two weeks later, LuKana lost to Shimmer Tag Team champions, the Canadian Ninjaz. LuFisto also participated in the main event of Shimmer Volume 50 where she was eliminated by Portia Perez after Mercedes Martinez spat in her face. The two enemies then fought once again at ring side until security got involved. LuFisto was then successful in her battle against Joshi wrestler Ryo Mizunami as well as in tag team action as LuKana defeated the team of Taylor Made and Allysin Kay also known as Made in Sin.

At Femmes Fatales X, LuFisto first defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto in a Shimmer rematch but lost to Mercedez Martinez in the Steel Cage Match where she was able to perform her Fisherman Buster from the top rope. After the match, Saraya Knight locked herself in the cage with a chair to attack LuFisto. Kalamity came to the help of her teacher but was stopped my Martinez and Knight. Knight then mentioned that she had come to Femmes Fatales to get rid of the Super Hardcore Anime and that the end was near for LuFisto.

Finally, after 10 months of trying to get a title shot, the Super Hardcore Anime LuFisto became the first woman in Canada to become the main champion of a promotion, beating Simon Martel with her Burning Hammer. LuFisto Vs Mercedes Martinez was voted Feud of the Year in Quebec as she was also once again voted, female wrestler of the year and no. 3 in the Top 50 after El Generico and Kevin Steen.

On February 9th 2013, LuFisto finally took on Mercedes Martinez once again in a Falls Count Anywhere at WSU. She won the match via Burning Hammer from the apron thought a table and was declared the No. 1 contender to the WSU championship held by Jessicka Havok. She also made her debuts at Shine losing to Ivelisse Velez in the match of the night thanx to Valkyrie and at AAA in Mexico where she qualified in the finals to La Reina de Reinas championship defeating Cynthia Moreno. She unfortunately lost to Faby Apache in the finals in front of a crowd of 14000 in Monterrey, Mexico.

On March 30th, LuFisto had the chance to get redemption on what had happened at Femmes Fatales X by facing Shimmer champion Saraya Knight for her title. Both fought everywhere in the building, were both bloody and as LuFisto seemed to be in charge, Mercedes Martinez ran out of the locker room and cracked a chair on LuFisto’s skull. Saraya hit a DDT on the concrete floor and placed the Super Hardcore Anime in her rocking chair submission where she passed out. For sure, this story isn't over...

On April 6th 2013 at WrestleCon, LuKana were unsucessful trying to get their hands on the Shimmer Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately, LuFisto suffered a knee injury during the match. However, only 3 months after, she was back in action at Femmes Fatales XI facing CZW's "Palmstrike Princess" Kimber Lee.

She returned to Shine Wrestling on July 12th where she qualified herself for the Shine championship beating Mercedes Martinez, Nikki Roxx and Su Yung but lost to Rain with the help of April Hunter who won the championship later that night in the second round. She beat Vanessa Kraven at SMASH Wrestling on August 18th but lost to Christina Von Eerie on September 14th at the Smash’s CANUSA Classic women’s show. She also failed to beat Von Eerie in Anaheim, California who retained her Alternative Wrestling Show Women’s Championship.

On October 6th, it was the first time in her 16 years career that LuFisto was performing in England. She unfortunately lost to “The referee’s nightmare” Destiny at Bellatrix 7 representing Shimmer Women Athlete in Norwich. On October 13th, she travelled to Preston to face April Davids who retained her PCW Cruiserweight Championship.

During the Shimmer tapings volumes 58 to 61, LuFisto was part of 3 main events and one semi-main event as her ongoing feud with Mercedes Martinez entered the Shimmer landscape and another one started with none-other than the SHIMMER champion herself, Cheerleader Melissa. The team of LuKana lost to the Global Green Gangsters who retained their Shimmer Tag Team Championship but also on volume 58, the Super Hardcore Anime came to the rescue when fellow stroke survivor and recently retired Allison Danger was attacked by the champion. She would do the same when Hiroyo Matsumoto was attacked by Melissa after she had defeated Mercedes Martinez with a Burning Hammer on volume 59.

Volume 60’s main event presented a rematch of the 2008 match of the year (40 volumes later). Unfortunately, Cheerleader Melissa beat LuFisto with an Air Raid Crash to retain the SHIMMER Championship. Melissa was bloodied above her left eye during the match, and continued her attack after the bell. Kana came out to help LuFisto, but Melissa was rescued by Mercedes Martinez.

For the last taping of the weekend, Mercedes Martinez pinned LuFisto in a Falls Count Anywhere Match with a Fisherman Buster onto a chair after Cheerleader Melissa nailed LuFisto in the head with the SHIMMER Championship belt. Melissa who was rushed to the hospital after her match against the Super Hardcore Anime on Volume 60 and ended up with 10 stitches in the face thanx to LuFisto did seek revenge.

On October 26th 2013, LuFisto finally got some retribution over Cheerleader Melissa when she, alongside Sweet Cherrie, defeated Mercedes Martinez and Melissa in a No Disqualification – Anything Goes Match at Femmes Fatales XIII when LuFisto gave the Burning Hammer to the SHIMMER Champion. Wiping her blood on Melissa’s face and holding the SHIMMER championship, LuFisto told the champ she would see her again soon enough…

2014 started with LuFisto coming to the help of friends Pat Guénette at NCW in Montreal and Greg Excellent at Combat Zone Wrestling but also with LuFisto delivering stellar performances, first against Athena at WSU in what is now known as the best WSU match ever and against Hania Howling Huntress at Alternative Wrestling Show in California. LuFisto also won the honor of being the Captain of Team Canada at Canusa Classic 2014. However, the war with Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez was far from over.

At Shimmer 62 in New Orleans, LuFisto fought Melissa in a 2 out of 3 falls to lose to the champion when Mercedes Martinez got involved and hit LuFisto with her NCW Femmes Fatales International Championship. LuFisto would get revenge with partner Kana at Shimmer 63 in Berwyn, Illinois by pinning Melissa after a Burning Hammer but would be denied another shot at the championship by Melissa and “Boss Lady” Allison Danger following a big victory over Neveah on Volume 64.

Saraya Knight would then try to convince LuFisto that she had to change her ways to become Shimmer Champion… The Anime would then try to help Yumi Ohka defeat Melissa but Ohka refused the help and got caught into Melissa’s Air Crash Raid. Both fought on Volume 65 where Yumi was declared the winner. Unimpressed, Saraya Knight, who is at ringside, hurts Pegaboo and both wrestlers brawl until referees and Shimmer security separate them. A no DQ match is then set for Volume 66 where LuFisto get an impressive win via Concerto over the former Shimmer champion with the help of announcer Kevin Harvey who got involved in the action, then ending the long streak of Knight bullying him since his arrival at Shimmer.

A week later, LuFisto defeated Scottland's Nikki Storm. On May 9th 2014, she had a big victory at WSU's Secret Show against the Dirty daddy himself Chris Dickinson when she used the Burning Hammer on her 235 pounds opponent. The following day, LuFisto became the WSU Champion by beating Athena in a 2/3 Falls match at WSU-CZW King and Queens.

To be continued...

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