LuFisto Best Of Double Disks DVDs - Volume 9 to 12!
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Other DVD (if 2 DVDs Option)

Vs Gail Kim

Vs Kana (Asuka)

WSU Championship Vs Mia Yim (Jade)

Vs Chris Dickinson

Vs Jessicka Havok

With Greg Excellence Vs Pepper Parks
& Cherry Bomb (Allie)

Vs Athena (Ember Moon)

Vs Jordynne Grace

Reina des Reinas - LuFisto Vs Faby Apache Vs Taya Valkyrie Vs Mary Apache

With Kana Vs Made in Sin (Allysin Kay & Taylor Made)

Vs Tomoka Nakagawa

Vs Nikki Storm (Nikki Cross)

Vs Hania the Howling Huntress

NCW-FF Championship Vs Heidi Lovelace

Vs Kai Katana

With Kana Vs Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez

NCW-FF Championship Vs Kalamity

Vs Hiroyo Matsumoto

WSU Championship Vs Shanna

Vs Andrea

Vs Sonya Strong

Vs Mickie James

Vs Ryo Mizunami

Vs. Kimber Lee

Vs Tim Donst

With Kana Vs Kalamity & Haley Hatred

Vs Ivelisse

Vs Mary Dobson

Vs Leva Bates

WSU Championship
Vs Mickies Knuckles

Vs Alexxis

Vs Mercedes Martinez

Vs Nicole Savoy

Vs Rebecca Knox (Becky Lynch)

NSPW Championship Vs Simon Martel

Vs Veda Scott

WSU Championship Vs Cherry Bomb (Allie)

Vs Awesome Kong

WSU Championship Vs Jenny Rose

Vs Cinthia Moreno

NWA Canadian Tag Team Championships
With Tank Vs Twin Terrors

AWS Women's Championship Vs Hudson Envy

With Kana Vs MsChif & Christina Von Eerie

LuFisto Best Of DVD Collection - 2 FOR 1
$25.00 US/ $35.00 International - Shipping Included

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DVD Title

Second DVD Title

- LuFisto VS Kevin Steen (Owens) VS El Generico (Sami Zayn)
- LuFisto VS Manuel Vegas
- LuFisto & J.C. Owens VS Mark Jaguar & Ruffy Silverstein

Towel Match
LuFisto VS Michael Von Payton

Mix Handicap Tag Team Match
LuFisto & Sweet Cherrie VS
Tank & Michael Von Payton & Misty Haven

- LuFisto VS Nattie Neidhard (Natalya)
- LuFisto VS Tyson Dux
- LuFisto & Marko Estrada VS Giovanni & Kacey Diamond
- LuFisto VS Damian
- LuFisto VS Tank VS Brick Crawford
- LuFisto & Tank VS The Twin Terrors
- LuFisto VS Marko Estrada

- LuFisto, Justin Credible, Tony DeVito VS
The Dudley Boys, Spike Dudley

- LuFisto VS Joey Ryan
- LuFisto & El Generico VS Misty Haven & Michael Von Payton
- LuFisto VS 21st Century Fox
- LuFisto VS Josh Prohibition VS Scotty Vortex
- LuFisto VS La Parfaite Caroline
- LuFisto VS Kacey Diamond

- LuFisto VS Awesome Kong
- LuFisto VS Mercedes Martinez
- LuFisto VS Chuck Taylor
- LuFisto VS Sabian
- LuFisto VS James Kraven
- LuFisto VS Misty Haven

- Street Fight:
LuFisto & Stefany Sinclair VS Misty Haven & 21st Century Fox

Last Woman Standing Match
LuFisto VS ODB

No Holds Barred Match
LuFisto VS Mickie Knuckles

LuFisto VS Allison Danger
- LuFisto VS James Stone
- LuFisto VS Guil Reno

Misssonaries of Violence (Sexxxy Eddy & LuFisto) VS Christopher Bishop & Lionel Knight

+ Vintage match Vs VS Sweet Cherrie

No Holds Barred Match
LuFisto VS Sara del Rey

Hardcore Tag Team Match
Misssonaries of Violence (Sexxxy Eddy & LuFisto) VS Hardcore Ninjaz

- LuFisto VS Alpha Female (Germany)
- LuFisto VS Nicole Matthews
- LuFisto VS Stefany Sinclair
- LuFisto VS Mary Lee Rose

+ Vintage match Vs JC Owens

- LuFisto Vs Ayako Hamada
- Sexxxy Eddy & LuFisto Vs Chakal & Anna Minoushka
- LuFisto Vs Daizee Haze (ROH - Birth of Pegaboo)
- LuFisto & Kalamity Vs TDT - Tabarnak de Team
- LuFisto Vs Wesna Busic

Japan Exclusive IWGP 2005: LuFisto Vs Ariel

Japan Exclusive AtoZ 2003: LuFisto Vs Leo-Na

+ Vintage match Vs eXess 69

NCW-FF Championship Match: LuFisto Vs Portia Perez

- LuFisto Vs Santino Italiano
- LuFisto Vs Candice Larea
- LuFisto Vs Thomas Dubois
- LuFisto & Sweet Cherrie Vs Kalamity & Anna Minoushka
- LuFisto Vs NY Knockout Nikki
- LuFisto Vs Kalamity

Japan Exclusive IWGP 2005: LuFisto Vs Amazing Kong

Neon Lights Match:
LuFisto VS Joe Lider

Extreme Women Match: LuFisto VS Princesa Sugey

Table Match: LuFisto VS Tank

Hardcore Challenge Match: LuFisto VS Velvet Jones

Shawinigan Street Fight:
LuFisto VS Guil Reno

Table Death Match:
LuFisto VS Jason the Terrible VS Scream

King of the Death Matches Finals: LuFisto VS Necro Butcher

Cage of Death
LuFisto VS John Zandig VS Lobo VS Nick Gage

Triple-Threat Death Match: LuFisto VS Sexxxy Eddy VS Beef Wellington

Falls Count Anywhere: LuFisto VS Vanessa Kraven

No Holds Barred: LuFisto VS The Juggulator

Fans Bring the Weapons: LuFisto VS Warhead

LuFisto VS The Arsenal

Diva Diaries: LuFisto
Total Running Time 2 hrs 19 mins

International Superstar, LuFisto sits down with Sojo and talks about her long and hard fought career in pro wrestling. From her time breaking into a male dominated world to her hardcore battles around the world to her mentoring of young female wrestlers. Also, LuFisto makes a very candid statement about her future and how she views her career. It's been a tough road for LuFisto and we travel down every winding turn and every sharp corner on this edition of Diva Diaries.


- LuFisto Talks about PWG & Queen of the Death Match Tournament
- LuFisto vs. Mickie Knuckles - I Queen of the Deathmatch Finals
- LuFisto vs. Nick Gage vs. Lobo vs. Zandig - CZW - Cage of Death
- LuFisto vs. Jessicka Havok - Queens of Combat 3 (11/30/14)




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