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NCW Femmes Fatales Championship – LuFisto Vs Heidi Lovelace ***NEW***
Price: $2.49 - 14:36 minutes

This is the second encounter ever between LuFisto and “The Punk Rock Rag Doll” Heidi Lovelace and it takes place in Bloomington, Indiana. This time, LuFisto was putting her NCW Femmes Fatales Championship on the line. Knees to the face and hard kicks from the Rag Doll as LuFisto retaliates with chops, cannonballs and even a powerbomb on the apron! This is definitely a classic fight you have to see!

Light Tubes Tag Team Championship Match - LuFisto & MSN Mart Vs Francis Proulx & Mobster ***NEW***
Price: $2.49 - 12:17 minutes

** Blood & Weapons** Here is something from the past when LuFisto was holding the ICW Tag Team Championship with MSN Mart back in year 2000. The champions are putting their championship on the line against the team of Francis Proulx and Mobster in a match with many, many light tubes! They fight in the ring, they fight on the floor, blood is flowing and one nasty fall leaves LuFisto laying on the concrete…

LuFisto Vs Thomas Dubois
Price: $2.49 - 14:00 minutes

** French Content** Thomas Dubois is much taller and stronger than LuFisto. Actually, he is not very happy to be paired up with her for this even and even mocks her by wearing her t-shirt. He throws her all over the ring but LuFisto never quits though as she always fights back even using some lucha libre manoeuvers. Gutwrench suplexes, dives, submissions, hard chops all over the venue… All you need to witness a great inter-gender match!

LuFisto Vs “Crazy” Mary Dobson
Price: $1.99 - 12:17 minutes

Here is another classic between LuFisto and “Crazy” Mary Dobson as they faced each other at Infinity Pro in Bloomington, Indiana. Various suplexes, kicks to the face, hard forearm, exchange of German suplexes… Everything an American Joshi fan can enjoy!

Hardcore Mixed Tag Team - LuFisto & Necro Butcher Vs Jewells Malone & Warhed
Price: $2.49 - 18:31 minutes

**Blood** Necro Butcher and LuFisto have fought against each other in the past but this time, they ally each other to take on the “Hardcore Princess” Jewells Malone and Warhed. This is total mayhem as the competitors are fighting all over the venue using chairs, a piece of meat, bread and even a dildo… Yes, you read that right! Bar fight between the four and so much more for you to enjoy!

Hardcore Match for TV in Mexico - LuFisto Vs Princessa Sugey
Price: $1.99 - 14:23 minutes

Another classic in one of the bloodiest feud in Mexico between LuFisto (then Precious Lucy) and Princessa Sugey and this time, it’s on TV! The match starts with fast pace pure wrestling action but quickly turns into a hardcore mess! Hurricarana, Michinoku driver, double underhook suplex, vicious kicks and chops… But also… Trash cans, light tubes, tables, chairs, thumbtacks and blood! Witness and enjoy the carnage that took place in Monterrey, Mexico!!

LuFisto Vs Maddog
Price: $1.49 - 9:33 minutes

Not many know about Maddog from Quebec City but he is one of the most hated men in the Province of Quebec. He is also 6’2 and over 350 pounds. At first, he doesn’t take this fight to seriously until. LuFisto decides to humiliate him by kicking him in the “cojones” and slapping him in the face. She uses her quickness and energy to control the big man as even the referee is scared of LuFisto! Maddog stops her with a devastating boot to the gut and proceeds on hitting her with slams, big elbows, chops, big splashes and more… But LuFisto won’t give up! Will she prevail against this monster?

Domestic Violence Match - LuFisto Vs Sexxxy Eddy
Price: $1.49 - 13:04 minutes

The Missionaries of Violence are no more! The former couple of Sexxxy Eddy and LuFisto is going at it in a Domestic Violence Match following Eddy’s betrayal towards his girlfriend/ partner. Trash cans, guard rails and the ring itself are part of this inter-gender battle. Eddy tries to use is usual sleazy ways to distract his opponent and get the win. LuFisto retaliates with sheer power using vicious kicks and strikes, hitting him where it counts… Right in the 5 extra pounds of meat coming from Very Long Beach, California!

Deathproof Hardcore Match - LuFisto Vs Warhed
Price: $1.99 - 18:42 minutes

Once again, LuFisto and Warhed battle each other as any weapon can be used! French baguette, cucumbers, table… Anything they can find! They both brawl all around the ring before exchanging hits to their private parts and purple nipple twists! There is nothing they won’t do to win this fight to the delight of the very entertained crowd. Now, there are special rules at Deathproof when a match reaches the time limit… The crowd must choose: 5 more minutes or a karaoke battle between the two opponents Guess what the crowd chose as the two opponents are out of breath and embarrassed? ;)

LuFisto Vs Chris Dickinson
Price: $2.99 - 20:18 minutes

As part of the main event of the WSU Secret Show No. 4, LuFisto took on the powerful and talented Chris Dickinson. See him use his sleaze in a pretty hilarious way given how hard LuFi hits him in response. At one point in the match, Dickinson counters a leg scissor mat head pound by lifting LuFisto up into the electric chair and following up with a devastatingGerman suplex! Hard kicks, strikes slaps and so much more in this epic inter-gender fight! Can the “Dirty Daddy” hit his Pazuzu Bomb or can LuFisto pick him up for the Burning Hammer?

AWS Women’s Championship - LuFisto Vs Christina Von Eerie
Price: $1.25 - 20:39 minutes

See LuFisto face Christina Von Eerie for the AWS Women’s Championship! First testing their wrestling skills and strength until all hell brakes loose and both wrestlers end up fighting out in the crowd. Even Pegaboo gets involved with hard head butts! The referee is trying to re-establish order but to no avail. Code breaker, dropkick to the face, suplexes, cannonball-double face wash combo, Chibi stomb, kicks and submission attempts and so on! Check out this action packed match from beautiful South Gate, California!

LuFisto Vs Heidi Lovelace
Price: $1.25 - 11:43 minutes

As part of its first iPPV of the year, Hero’s Holiday Homecoming, RockStar Pro Wrestling presented an exceptional women wrestling showdown as LuFisto took on Heidi Lovelace. Witness the Wounded Owl Ronin take on the Punk Rock Rag Dolls in a match showing hard hitting, high-flying and technical action. Both competitors end up outside at one point where Heidi gets powerbombed on the apron! Cradle DDT, kicks to the head, Saito suplex and more! See why the RockStar Nation gave both fighters a standing ovation after this amazing performance!

No Rules - LuFisto & Human Tornado Vs Chris Hero & Candice Lerae
Price: $1.99 - 33:16 minutes

Talk about bringing the HATE! Right from the start, you feel how much both teams hated each other as they wasted no time getting violent with vicious chair and trash lid shots. Going in and out of the ring, this hardcore slugfest is just a bloody mess full of fun and excitement. LuFisto nails Candice with a dropkick into a chair, then roll her over onto her back...Bbut rather than go for a pin, LuFisto just starts punching Candice in the face and even biting her! LuFisto suffers a piledriver from Hero… Claudio Castologni comes in… The match is over but the carnage continues…

2/3 Falls for the WSU Championship - LuFisto Vs Athena
Price: $1.99 - 29:56 minutes

LuFisto and Athena meet in this 2/3 falls match to determine the new WSU Champion. This match offers a combination of technical wrestling, fast-paced action, submissions and battles to the outside where both of these evenly matched fighters amped up the aggression, with some dangerous moves – including LuFisto’s Chibi Stomp off the guardrail to a tied-up Athena – as both contenders are definitely not afraid to go all out to become the new WSU Champion.

No Disqualification, Anything Goes - LuFisto & Sweet Cherrie Vs Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez
Price: $1.99 - 25:18 minutes

**Blood** Witness this wild brawl of a match which sees the action spill to the outside, Melissa throw one of the guard rails at LuFisto, busting her open. Two referees are wiped out during the action as LuFisto puts Mercedes through a table (which explodes into a million pieces) with a Death Valley Driver from the apron. Melissa tries to pin Sweet Cherrie following a top rope dropkick with her feet on the ropes but is thwarted by Courtney Rush… Over 25 minutes of free-for-all brawl action!

LuFisto & El Generico Vs Kevin Steen & Stefany Sinclair
Price: $1.99 - 29:36 minutes

This is the Grand Finale of the Sherri Martel Invitational Inter-Gender Tag Team Tournament that took place in 2007 at ALF’s Amazones & Titans. Quebec wrestling’s elite, male and female wrestlers, in the same ring at the same time! Witness this very intense match featuring the ongoing amazing feud between Kevin Steen and El Generico and probably what triggered Stefany Sinclair to turn on her teacher (See Download 30). Sinclair takes on Generico and LuFisto takes on Steen, gender doesn’t matter! Check out this 30 minutes extravaganza!

Light Tubes Match in Mexico - LuFisto Vs Joe Lider
Price: $1.99 - 13:46 minutes

**Blood** Witness the carnage of what is still known as one of the best inter-gender matches to take place on Mexican soil as LuFisto takes on Joe Lider in a Light Tubes Match. Of course, light tubes are used but also chairs and barb wire as the two fighters battle in and out of the ring! Electric chair, powerbombs in the corner, Spanish Fly and so on… You don’t want to miss this one!

LuFisto Vs Mia Yim
Price: $1.99 - 14:43 minutes

What happens when two of the most dedicated and hard working women in the sport collide? You get an awesome match nearly 15 minutes long where they battled inside and outside the ring. Featured as the main event of IndyGurlz War of the Roses 3, both women showed stamina and incredible toughness as they brutalized each other in front of very fortunate crowd. Perfect mix of technical prowess and shear strong style action!

No Holds Barred - LuFisto Vs Jazz
Price: $1.99 - 26:12 minutes

Femmes Fatales XIII presented this dream match everyone has wanted to see as former ECW/WWE Star Jazz goes one on one with LuFisto. The ring cannot contain these two as both competitors are fighting all over the venue, around the ring, in the crowd, on the ramp… Cannonballs, DDTs and so on… All using chairs!

LuFisto Vs Kimber Lee
Price: $1.25 - 15:37 minutes

See this match between Kimber Lee and LuFisto that was qualified as a “hard hitting fun and fantastic opener” for Femmes Fatales XII. Kicks, leg submissions, exchange of German suplexes, tarantula, Chibi Stomp… Kimber Lee’s expressions are priceless as she faces the Super Hardcore Anime who is returning from a knee injury and who seems to be more determined than ever!

North-American Joshi Match - LuFisto Vs "Crazy" Mary Dobson
Price: $1.49 - 16:06 minutes

Taking place at the Rockstar Pro Arena on Wednesday July 16th, check out this exclusive North-American Joshi match between Crazy Mary Dobson and LuFisto! Mixing lucha libre, scientific wrestling and hard hitting strong style action, see why the fans of Dayton, Ohio gave these two superior women wrestlers a standing ovation, proving they are two of the best in the world!

The Missionaries of Violence Vs the S.L.I. (Shayne Hawke & Jagger Miles)
Price: $1.25 - 13:00 minutes

The Missionaries of Violence, Sexxxy Eddy and LuFisto take on Jagger Miles and Shayne Hawke known as “Le Syndicate de Lutte International”. This is the first ever match where LuFisto and Eddy team up! Of course, the Sexxy one is shining as always in his little underpants as LuFisto shows up with her Sailor Moon outfit. Shayne Hawke even tries some questionable moves on LuFisto but she quickly makes him pay by beating up with hard chops and forearms. However, Eddy and LuFisto quickly show the great chemistry they have… Even to “share” a Bronco buster together! Take a look!

Cage Match - LuFisto Vs Mercedes Martinez
Price: $1.99 - 31:21 minutes

** Blood** The feud between Mercedes Martinez and LuFisto had been going for months and in many different promotions including NCW Femmes Fatales and Women Superstars Uncensored. It was time for the two fighters to meet one-on-one in a match where nobody could run of interfere: A Steel Cage Match! Kicks to the face and hard strikes like only Martinez and LuFisto can offer in a dangerous environment. Blood is spilled and anger is pushed to the max! Witness the hatred between those two enemies!

Hardcore Match - LuFisto Vs The Arsenal
Price: $1.49 - 11:49 minutes

**Blood** LuFisto entered the Internet Wrestling Syndicate for one reason: Get her hands on the One Man War, the Arsenal! She attacks him right from the start and over-head press him to the outside. Cross-body and that’s where the battle really gets violent. Piledriver on a chair, hurricarana from the top and a power bomb on open chairs…. There is so much blood that we can’t tell whose bleeding. Actually, both opponents are! Then, there is a table… Witness the carnage!

No Disqualification - LuFisto Vs Jennifer Blake
Price: $1.25 - 16:19 minutes

The Suicide Blondes collide! Actually, that match took place just before Jennifer Blake and LuFisto joined forces as the only all-female tag team in LLW Ontario. But first, they did give it all in this No DQ fight. The match starts slowly with some chain wrestling as new opponents are studying each other. Things quickly escalate as LuFisto’s more vicious style of wrestling allows her to gain control of the match. Chops, cross-face forearms, kicks, cradle DDT… The fight then goes outside where guardrails, ring posts and apron are used. Back inside, you’ll witness kicks and knees to the face, a gut buster, cannonball using the chair… Underhook Canadian Destroyer and more!

Japan Exclusive - LuFisto Vs Leo-Na
Price: $0.99 - 7:53 minutes

As part of her tour with AtoZ (formally known as Arsion) in 2003, LuFisto takes on one of the most dedicated fighter in the dojo in Leo-Na. LuFisto uses her size and power advantage as Leo-Na focuses on her speed to put down her opponent with quick drop kicks and beautiful suplexes. Spears, clotheslines, arm bars and fast pace action available for puroresu fans!

Table Death Match – LuFisto Vs Scream Vs Jason
Price: $1.99 - 16:05 minutes

**Blood** Talk about a carnage! The match hasn’t started yet and the fighters are already asking to keep in the ring the thumbtacks that were used in the previous match. A mean and too confident LuFisto takes on Scream and much larger (and scarier) opponent Jason where you need to put your opponent through a table to be the winner! However, there are more weapons then just tables… Kendo sticks, chairs and light tubes! A treat for hardcore fans!

LuFisto Vs Cat Power
Price: $0.99 - 10:44 minutes

LuFisto takes on the sultry and aggressive feline Cat Power at NCW Femmes Fatales! A high pace match between the small LuFisto and the taller Power who is the victim of a top rope cross-body to the outside at the beginning of the match. Unfortunately, the vicious Power stops the Anime with a vicious knee before punishing her with chops, cat scratches, chokes and more. LuFisto crotches her on the ropes before twisting her… Something, something. Download this awesome match! :)

Fans Bring the Weapons - LuFisto Vs Warhed
Price: $1.25 - 16:42 minutes

Warhed might think he’s all that at the beginning of this fight but soon finds out that you don’t mess with somebody known as “The First Lady of Hardcore”. What starts as a simple wrestling match quickly turns into a messy brawl with both wrestlers using the weapons that have been brought by the fans. Trash cans, toys, Kendo sticks, chairs, bug net, a bunny… And LOTS of chops!

LuFisto Vs Candice Lerae
Price: $1.25 - 8:40 minutes

California fan favorite Candice Lerae had a big challenge when the Super Hardcore Anime showed up in her hometown. Right from the start, LuFisto shows no mercy pounding on poor Candice in one corner with vicious chops and headbutts. Lerae’s speed will help her gain control but not for long. LuFisto is definitely a big bully in this one with devastating kicks, chocking and cross-face forearms. When a fan tells her “LuFisto you’re not very nice!”. She answers “I wanna win” to the delight of the crowd!

Shawinigan Street Fight - LuFisto Vs Guil Reno
Price: $1.99 - 14:53 minutes

**Blood** Guil Reno and LuFisto had many matches at NWA Québec back in 2004-2005 but this one has to be the most violent. Brawling all over the place with tables, light tubes, thumbtacks, trash cans and… A bowling ball! The two enemies fight without holding nothing back in this special Shawinigan Street Fight!

Missionary of Violence Vs Lionel Knight & Christopher Bishop
Price: $1.25 - 15:20 minutes

The team of LuFisto and the Sexxx Exxxpress Sexxxy Eddy are taking on the high flying team of Christopher Knight and Chris Bishop. A match that starts with some talk about Knight’s private parts quickly escalates into a tag team classic. Knight doesn’t take the blue hair sailor Anime seriously but quickly notices that she can match him on speediness in the ring. See LuFisto and Eddy perform double moves on their opponents… And on each other too!! Bronco Buster on your own partner anybody? Only with the Missionary of Violence!

Supergirl Championship - LuFisto Vs Nicole Matthews w/ Portia Perez
Price: $0.99 - 14:24 minutes

Before they would ever meet as tag team competitors in Shimmer, LuFisto and “Canadian Ninja” Nicole Matthews went at it for the Supergirls championship in Vancouver, BC. Both ladies are first testing their strength before exchanging holds as Portia Perez watches closely. See Matthews using kicks, high knees, chokes and hair pulling to slow down her opponent. Even Portia gets involved on a regular basis! LuFisto uses corner splashes, double boot scrape, hard forearm and cradle suplex.

Dog Collar Chain Match in Mexico - LuFisto Vs Princessa Sugey
Price: $1.25 - 15:58 minutes

**Blood** Here is another classic from the LuFisto and Princessa Sugey feud in Mexico. This time, the enemies are fighting for TV Azteca in a dog collar chain match. Linked to each other by steel, LuFisto and Sugey are using the chain to hit and choke the opponent and although moving around is not an easy thing, they fight in and out of the ring! Punches with the chain wrapped around their fists leaves trails of blood as the only way to win is to touch the 4 top turnbuckles!

LuFisto Vs Kevin Steen Vs El Generico
Price: $1.99 - 13:55 minutes

See LuFisto take on two wrestlers who would become amazing superstars in former ROH Champion Kevin Steen and the Generic Luchador El Generico! Steen ignores LuFisto’s presence at the beginning of the match but she quickly gets involved! While Steen and LuFisto fight with hard shots, there is a lot more respect between her and the Luchador as they use technical manoeuvers to surprise the opponent. The competitors capitalize on each other’s moves and many triple combinations can be witness.

Street Fight - LuFisto & Stefany Sinclair Vs Misty Haven & 21st Century Fox
Price: $1.99 - 21:17 minutes

**Blood** LuFisto and her protégée Stefany Sinclair are teaming up against the team of Misty Haven and the 21st Century Fox in this all-over the place brawl! Each team are representing a manager from Association de Lutte Féminine (Mister Tolo for Haven and Fox and Bruni Johnson for LuFisto and Sinclair) and fight for their honor! The match starts in the ring but quickly ends up in the crowd where fighters use weapons such as chairs, brooms, walls, floors, trash cans, street signs, cookie sheets and even, a clown wig!!?? Even Misty’s partner in crime Michael Von Payton gets involved… With thumbtacks!

LuFisto Vs Damian
Price: $0.99 - 13:23 minutes

With both wrestlers highly influenced by legends like Tenryu and Kenta Kobashi, Damian and LuFisto are going at it toe to toe with hard blows in the face, kicks right on the jaw, various stomps and slaps! The fight gets intense as the wrestlers fight outside right in front of the crowd! Are you a fan of the Japanese hard hitting style? Than this inter-gender fight is the one for you!

Towel Match - LuFisto w/ Mark Jaguar Vs Michael Von Payton w/ Misty Haven
Price: $1.99 -
11:42 minutes

The feud between Michael Von Payton and LuFisto at NWA Québec had reached heights even the promotion couldn’t control. Both fighters had been at each other’s throats for months and wanted to see their opponent quit! A towel match where Payton and LuFisto would have a trustworthy corner man (or woman for MVP), was the sanctioned by NWA Québec. LuFisto uses her speed and lucha skills to take on her bigger opponent as Payton lays down punishment on the toughest lady in pro wrestling. Which wrestler will see its towel thrown in the ring as a sign of submission?

LuFisto Vs Sara del Rey
Price: $1.25 - 15:16 minutes

*As part of the first round on the road to the NCW Femmes Fatales championship, the Super Hardcore Anime had one big challenge in one of the best female wrestlers on the planet, Sara del Rey. Del Rey had attacked LuFisto a few months before and it was now time for LuFisto to get revenge! As the main event of the night, this match was declared “Anything goes” by the NCW-FF officials so the fighters fought in the crowd and in the ring using chairs.

Fans Bring the Weapons - LuFisto & Face of Death Vs The Wildcats
Price: $1.25 - 12:56 minutes

**Blood** The original First Lady of Hardcore and her much bigger partner Face of Death take on the experienced and dangerous team of Mark Jaguar and Scott Kougarr better known as the Wildcats… And Fans are bringing the weapons!! Light tubes, thumbtacks, guardrails, crutches, trash cans and more!! This battle goes all over the place and is a total free for all to the delight of the fans in attendance!

No Disqualification - LuFisto Vs Vanessa Kraven
Price: $1.25 - 11:01 minutes

**Blood** That weekend in September 2005, LuFisto had already wrestled four matches… She even suffered a concussion during her first match but had won the Super 8 Women Tournament in Quebec City the after-noon before this very match happened. LuFisto had one more big challenge… Facing 6 foot tall Mountain Vanessa Kraven… In a No Disqualification contest! See both ladies fighting all over the place with anything they could find (including a vacuum and trash bags!) One more thing… They even destroy a wall!!

Hardcore Match - LuFisto Vs Velvet Jones
Price: $1.99 - 14:19 minutes

**Blood** LuFisto had been recently betrayed by one of her friend at NWA Québec and she was looking to let her emotions out… Hardcore Style! She then issued a challenge to any wrestler willing to take on the First Lady of Hardcore. The God of Soul, Velvet Jones, answered the call! Check out this fierce inter-gender battle featuring thumbtacks, chairs, Kendo sticks, light tubes, a hot dogs and much more!

Japan Exclusive - LuFisto & American Angel Sara del Rey Vs Jaguar Yokota & Devil Masami
Price: $1.25 - 15:42 minutes

During LuFisto’s second tour to Japan in November 2005 for International Woman Grand Prix, she and American Angel (better known as WWE’s Diva trainer Sara del Rey) teamed up to take on two legends of Joshi wrestling in Jaguar Yokota and Devil Masami. Taking place on Wednesday, November 16th 2005 at the Isahaya Arena in Nagasaki, Japan, witness this very rare match up where up and coming stars go at it toe to toe against two veterans.

No Holds Barred - LuFisto Vs Mickie Knuckles w/ Special Guest Referee Roxie Cotton
Price: $1.25 - 21:50 minutes

**Blood** When it comes to female hardcore wrestling, two names should never be forgotten. LuFisto and Mickie Knuckles! These two fighters never backed down from any challenges as they were already taking on men and women in extreme bouts long before any other females. Enjoy this no holds barred matchup between the two original Queens of the Death Matches! Chairs, guardrails, stairs and very hard hitting action!

LuFisto, Justin Credible, Tony DeVito Vs The Dudley Boys (D-Von, Bubba and Spike Dudley)
Price: $1.25 - 20:59 minutes

Whassss up?? LuFisto taking on the three ECW legends the Dudley Boys with Justin Credible and Tony DeVito, that’s what’s up! Check out this no disqualification battle where LuFisto shows guts facing Bubba Ray and goes at it one-on-one with one of the toughest little man in wrestling, Spike Dudley!

LuFisto Vs Tank Vs Brick Crawford
Price: $0.99 - 9:51 minutes

Talk about a size difference! LuFisto has not one, but TWO big challenge in this match as she takes on the 335 pounds Tank and the 250+ pounds veteran Brick Crawford. Tank and LuFisto were bitter enemies back then so they hold nothing back at each other. Hard chops, suicide dive and even… A table!! Check it out!

LLF Extremo Campeonato - LuFisto Vs Princessa Sugey
Price: $1.25 - 12:26 minutes

**Blood** Lucha Libre Feminil presented its new Extreme Campeonato to its fans on December 15th 2003 as part of its 3rd Anniversary show. Two fighters had been chosen to battle for the prestigious title in Princessa Sugey and LuFisto. Sugey and LuFisto had been in an intense and violent feud since over a year and now it was time to get the ultimate reward! Barb wire, light tubes, chairs, tables and so on… Hardcore fans, this is a must!

IWS Tag Team Hardcore Championship Match - Missionnary of Violence Vs The Hardcore Ninjaz
Price: $1.49 - 25:51 minutes

Finally the hot tandem of Sexxxy Eddy and LuFisto known as the Missionary of Violence finally had the chance to get their hands on the prestigious IWS Tag Team championship held by the Hardcore Ninjaz. Check out this match where there are no disqualification and no rules! Chairs, tables and crazy crowd for an awesome crazy match!

Suicide Blondes (LuFisto & Jennifer Blake) Vs The Flatliners
Price: $1.25 - 16:59 minutes

The Flatliners issued a challenge to any team at LLW in Hamilton, Ontario! What a surprise they had when the then new tandem of Jennifer Blake and LuFisto known as the Suicide Blondes answered the call! The big men who were not taking their female opponents seriously quickly realized that the Blondes were all business! Check out this intense battle of the sexes fight!

Last Woman Standing - LuFisto Vs ODB
Price: $1.25 - 14:19 minutes

**Blood** Jersey All Pro Wrestling’s female division was looking for a champion so TNA Knockout ODB and Super Hardcore Anime LuFisto went at it in the main event of their first event to win a contender spot of the precious price. Fighting all over the place, both opponents used everything they could find!

LuFisto Vs Nattie Neidhart
Price: $1.99 - 13:10 minutes

As part of Supergirls Fighting Weekend, LuFisto had the honor to face one of the best technical female wrestlers in Nattie Neidhart, daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and niece of the legends Bret “Hitman” Hart and “the King of Hearts” Owen Hart. Watch this match that had everybody on their feet!

Last Woman Standing ALF Championship - LuFisto Vs Charlotte Lamothe
Price: $1.25 - 21:04 minutes

**Blood** With manager sexy nurse Mademoiselle Rachelle back in 2009, LuFisto is facing fan favorite and larger opponent Charlotte Lamothe at Association de Lutte Féminine (ALF). There are no rules so the women are doing anything they can to get the 10 counts over the opponents and win or keep the ALF championship... Even a stink face!!

LuFisto Vs Sami Callihan  
Price: $1.25 - 13:28 minutes

**Blood** Callihan and LuFisto had a feud going at CZW back in 2007. This is one hard hitting match where they fight all around the ring, the ramp and using chairs! One hard hitting woman version one hard hitting dude! Watch this intense fight!

Germany - LuFisto Vs The Alpha Female
Price: $1.25 - 12:15 minutes

From LuFisto’s first trip to Europe, this match is the one and only match where she meets the impressive German giant, the Alpha Female! See how the little Anime battles this 6’1 impressive foe!

IWS Championship Hardcore Match - LuFisto Vs PCP FN Crazy Manny
Price: $1.99 - 11:38 minutes

**Blood** This was LuFisto’s chance to get her hand on the IWS World Championship, owned then by PCP FN Crazy Manny. Being known for his hardcore style, it was only natural that PCP would defend his title in an ultra-violent fight against the First Lady of Hardcore! Chairs, tables, light tubes, thumbtacks… And any low blows you can think of!

No Holds Barred - LuFisto Vs Awesome Kong
Price: $0.99 - 14:26 minutes

The former TNA Knockout champion, Awesome Kong, comes to ALF in Montreal to take on LuFisto as part of the main event of Association de Lutte Féminine’s 2nd anniversary show “Déclaration d’Indépendance”. Voted match of the year 2008 in the Province. Chairs, guardrails, walls, you got it!


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