ACW Here Comes Revenge... On Stefany Sinclair!
September 12th 2017

This past Saturday too place “Here Comes Revenge” presented by Atomic Championship Wrestling and its women division Rogue Women Warriors where LuFisto finally had the opportunity to get her hands on Stefany Sinclair who have been disrupting her matches in the past few months in a Rogue Tables Match!

Sinclair attacks LuFisto right from the start and quickly, the fight ends up at ringside and then, in the crowd. The hits are so loud that they are resonating across the Stevens Fire Hall. Sinclair knocks LuFisto on a ring post before getting a huge table inside the ring.

Back inside the ropes, Sinclair attempts to throw LuFisto into the table but she stops before the collision. Stefany will be able to hit her with a double-knee in the back followed by a Code Breaker. The Striker then goes outside and find a table underneath the ring that she sets up at ringside.

LuFisto attempts to attack Stefany as she is climbing back in the ring but Sinclair stops her and delivers hard kicks to LuFisto's chest and a high knee. LuFisto is now placed on the apron and Stefany goes back inside the ring to use the ropes as momentum to spear LuFisto into the outside onto the table.

However, LuFisto moves out of the way and kicks Stefany in the face twice. Stefany ends up on the apron where she swings at LuFisto but misses. LuFisto pics her up and jumps into the table at ringside with a DVD. The table explodes and LuFisto is declared the winner of this first ever Rogue Tables Match and finally gets her revenge on Stefany Sinclair.



LuFisto Retains her Shine Championship in Pennsylvania Against Holidead!
August 28th 2017

For the first time ever, the Shine Championship was defended in the State of Pennsylvania as LuFisto put her precious title on the line at ACW – Rogue Women Warriors against a Shine newcomer and rising star Holidead.

After a few exchanges of quick holds, Holidead chops LuFisto and asks for a chop as well. LuFisto complies and delivers a back face wash and a sit clothesline. Holidead replies with some knees to the gut until LuFisto moves out of the way and Holidead flies to the outside.

Both ladies are fighting at ringside until Holidead trips LuFisto on the apron and runs her back first into the ring post. She throws back the Shine champion inside where she kicks and chokes her. LuFisto fights back with pin fall attempts and her cannonball but Holidead immediately hits her in the face with a big boot.

She then applies pressure on the champ’s back but LuFisto gets out of the hold. They both fight back and knock each other out. As soon as they both get up, a chop exchange happens until LuFisto sends Holidead to the mat several times and hits a double knee in the corner. 2 counts only!

LuFisto applies La Crucetta but the opponent reaches the ropes. LuFisto ducks Holidead’s clothesline but is hit by a devastating Spine Buster. Another 2 counts! LuFisto ends up in a corner where Holidead goes for a Yakuza Kick but LuFisto moves out of the way and picks her up.

Burning Hammer and LuFisto retains her Shine Championship!




Two Weeks… Two Countries… Two Successful Title Defenses!
August 21st 2017

LuFisto Successfully Defends the Shine Title in Canada Against Kath Von Goth!

After almost a 2 year absence in her native country of Canada, LuFisto returned to the place where it all started for her back in 1997, her hometown of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. Performing for the Xtreme Zone Wrestling (XZW), LuFisto decided to put her Shine Championship on the line, a first defense for the title in the Great North, an incredible opportunity for up and coming star “The Wicked Witch of the East” Kath Von Goth, lead to the ring by her manager Rickter Oz McGoth.

Both women lock up and match in strength. Kath slaps LuFisto in the face but the Wounded Owl retaliates before sending Von Goth to the ground a few times. Hard chops and kicks are thrown by LuFisto until Kath's manager, Rickter Oz McGoth, grabs LuFisto's leg as she is running the ropes. LuFisto turns around and is knocked out by a clothesline.

Kath teams up with her manager to keep LuFisto on the ground as both are doing a great job getting the referee distracted. The fight ends up outside where LuFisto weakens Von Goth's arm a lot with the ring, posts and steps used as weapons. Kath throws LuFisto inside and goes for a second rope splash... But LuFisto moves out of the way!

The Shine Champion unleashes a fury of hits, cannonball, face wash... Kath delivers an Avalanche but crashes into the buckle when attempting a spear. LuFisto traps her in an arm bar and Von Goth taps.

LuFisto is still the reigning, defending and undefeated Shine Wrestling Champion!


LuFisto Defeats Katie Arquette in the Cage Despite David Arquette's Support!

After the attack LuFisto suffered at the hands of Katie Arquette and her manager Calvin Couture right after she had defeated Britt Baker and won the IWC Women's Championship, it was now time to get revenge as the International Wrestling Cartel presented its first-ever Women's Cage Match at Cage Fury 2017. Actor and former WCW Champion David Arquette even got involved on social media during the week which gave this match an even higher profile everywhere. The only way to win is to get out using the door or climb over the top of the cage.

As soon as LuFisto gets announced, Arquette attacks her until LuFisto blocks a whip into the cage and opens fire on Katie's chest with vicious chops. LuFisto then uses a Tennis racket on Arquette's back and butt. While she is screaming for help, LuFisto shuts her up with a plunger before using a back scratcher on her backside. Calvin Couture is out of his mind and comes in the cage. LuFisto walks towards him and his able to hit him with the door of the cage.

Katie uses the Kendo stick Couture was able to throw in to hit the IWC Women's champion with hit before delivering a Spine Buster. She then uses the cage, Kendo and a long belt as weapons to hit and choke LuFisto. She goes for a hip attack and then, another... But LuFisto moves out of the way and delivers a hip attack of her own and proceeds to use the cage as a weapon. LuFisto attempts to get out a few times but Katie stops her.

LuFisto puts a chair in a corner and whips Arquette in it. However, Katie reverses the whip, LuFisto hits the chair... German suplex from Katie on LuFisto... Big lariat from LuFisto on Katie and both women are down. There is an exchange of hard forearms between the two fighters until Arquette is able to hit a Cutter. She tries to go out but LuFisto grabs her. She then delivers her cannonball with a chair in front of Katie. She puts the chair down, goes to whip Arquette but she reverses the motion which sends LuFisto crashing on top of the chair with an STO.

Katie then climbs the ropes and then then cage. LuFisto takes her down and climbs also on the top rope. Russian leg sweep from the top rope as both are standing in the middle of the top rope. LuFisto painfully gets up first and opens up a chair before putting Katie's head on it. Once again, Calvin Couture attempts to come in which distracts LuFisto just long enough to get hit by her own championship belt.

Katie crawls towards the door with Couture pulling on her arms... But LuFisto stops them and pull them both back inside the cage. She goes for Calvin who tries to escape but is blocked by the cage. Katie goes for a spear but LuFisto moves out of the way... She spears her manager into the cage, hitting her head in the process.

Katie stumbles back and falls head first on top of the open chair... LuFisto huts her infamous one-woman conchairto and escapes the cage through the door, still the IWC Women's Champion!



Successful Shine Championship Defense at VIP Wrestling and Close but No Cigar at Wrestle Circus!
August 7th 2017

On August 4th and 5th, LuFisto flew to Texas to first defend her Shine Championship in Arlington agsint Machiko San, the first time ever this precious title was defended in the Lone Star State but also to hopefully get her hands on more gold, Wrestle Circus’ Lady of the Ring and Side Show Championships held by Tessa Blanchard.

LuFisto attacks Machiko right from the start of the match but Machiko’s athletic abilities sends LuFisto to the outside. Both ladies fight in front of the crowd until the Wounded Owl delivers a power bomb on the apron on the challenger.

LuFisto then controls the match for a few instants until Machiko is able to hit a back cracker. She them clotheslines, big boots and super kicks LuFisto for some close falls. Unfortunately for Machiko, in the end, LuFisto is able to hit her with her Burning Hammer for the victory.

At Wrestle Circus, LuFisto uses the same idea to start the match was she surprises Tessa Blanchard with a quick upper cuts and several chops. Tessa retaliates with hard forearms and a drop kick to the back but is stopped fairly quickly by her challenger who then focuses on damaging her left knee.

LuFisto uses the ring as a weapon, some stretches and hard kicks to weaken Blanchard’s knee even more. The 3rd Generation wrestler fights back as hard as she can, even suplexing LuFisto on the hard concrete. Both ladies return to the ring where Tessa is able to hit a Code Breaker on LuFisto before avoiding to attacks in the corner from her opponent.

Short arm clotheslines and two cutters by Tessa but LuFisto kicks out. Blanchard goes for her top rope Code Breaker but LuFisto sends her flying with an exploder Suplex. Tessa kicks out but she is then trapped in la Crucetta. Blanchard barely makes it to the ropes. She pushes LuFisto away and delivers a painful super kick. 2 counts only!

LuFisto reverses an Irish Whip into her Cradle Brainbuster, Tessa Kicks out, LuFisto picks her top on her shoulder, and Blanchard slides behind and delivers a Hammerlock DDT. The Lady of the Ring and Side Show Champion goes for her signature manoeuvers again but LuFisto stops her by scratching her back with her nails.

LuFisto goes for her Burning Hammer but Tessa rolls down from her shoulder on the momentum and rolls LuFisto up for the three count and a hard-fought victory!         



Team PAWG Prevails Over the Doom Patrol of Chris Dickinson and Jaka at Americanrana 17!
August 1st 2017

Review and Results thanks to

MATCH ONE: Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto) v. Doom Patrol (Jaka & Chris Dickinson)

This match has been brewing for months as Dickinson has had issues with Grace and her boyfriend Jonathan Gresham. No one pulled any punches on this one. After some early offense from PAWG, Jaka and Dickinson got the heat on Grace, and boy were they rough on her, particularly Dickinson. He hit a brutal German and a piledriver on her.

Doom Patrol did an excellent job building the heat to the hot tag as the place erupted when LuFisto finally got in. They went back and forth and were super aggressive.

Lots of nearfalls from both teams and the crowd kept getting up for each progressive finish. To say the match was wild is an understatement. The finish saw PAWG hit their running duel hip attacks on the head of Jaka for the win. While I’m personally not a fan of intergender wrestling, this crowd very much is and they really enjoyed this match, and frankly, that’s all that matters on this level.

After the match, Dickinson cut a very impassioned promo about the importance of Beyond Wrestling and how much it means to him and everyone in the locker room. It was a great way to keep the momentum going.




And New IWC Women’s Champion!
July 23rd 2017

It’s on Saturday July 22nd 2017 that took place “Threat Level Midnight #TLM” presented by the IWC – International Wrestling Cartel in Elizabeth, PA. LuFisto was taking on Britt Baker for the IWC Women’s Championship.

LuFisto wastes no time and attack the champion right away. Baker retaliates with hard shots and a kick to the face but falls victim to an STO on a buckle followed by a hip attack. LuFisto is now in control. After a few minutes of submissions and hits on the champion who won’t quit,  LuFisto goes for a back body drop but Baker kicks her and delivers a swinging fisherman neck breaker. Both women are down.

After a count of about 7, LuFisto throws the first hits but Britt blocks them and punches the Wounded Owl right on the jaw. A dropkick and a baby DDT added to the mix but the challenger kicks out every single time. Baker goes for a German suplex but LuFisto is holding the ropes! Britt will however be able to hit LuFisto in the face once again. LuFisto then rolls to the corner after a kick out.

Britt Baker runs towards her to spear her but LuFisto moves out of the way as Baker crashes into the buckle shoulder first. Cannonball and double face wash for a two count from LuFisto. She then goes for the Burning Hammer but the champ slides behind and super kicks LuFisto. 2 counts only but as she kicks out, LuFisto gets trapped in the BrittMission. However, she is able to turn the hold into her own Crucetta.

Britt is able to reach the ropes, elbow LuFisto on the jaw and deliver a Punt kick and traps LuFisto in the BrittMission again! This time, LuFisto cannot reverse the submission but miraculously is able to wiggle herself to the ropes. Baker can’t believe it so she immediately goes for a FameAsser, LuFisto moves out of the way and catches Baker mid-air for a Mindbender. 2 counts!

LuFisto goes for her Lu-Driller but Baker kicks out again! Once again, it’s time for the Burning Hammer but Britt stops LuFisto with a super kick. She hits the ropes but LuFisto surprises her with a back fist. Burning Hammer and LuFisto is your new IWC Women’s Champion!

Respecting for her determination and fighting spirit, LuFisto picked up Britt Baker and shook her hand as a sign of respect… Then, Katie Arquette and Calvin Couture came out… Arquette mentions that she wants the belt and as LuFisto is telling her to fight for it right now, Calvin Couture attacks her from behind. Both leave the ring after giving LuFisto a few kicks.

LuFisto issued a challenge to Arquette at Caged Fury on August 19th… Inside the steel cage.



Maria Maria aka Allysin Kay Wins Once in a Lifetime Contender’s Match But LuFisto Retains!
July 18th 2017

Shine Wrestling presented Shine 43 and 44 on Friday and Sunday, July 14th and 16th where the brand new Shine Nova Champion would be crowned. There was also a Once in a Lifetime Contender’s Match where the winner would face Shine Champion LuFisto on Volume 44.

On Shine 43, Maria Maria defeated Dementia D’Rose, Brandi Lauren, Daisy and Natalia Marcova.  After the fight, Maria Maria, who needed a translator, was interviewed by Trevin Adams. The interview was cut short by Shine Champion LuFisto who made, using a few bad words in Spanish, told Maria that she would see her Sunday.

Maria issues a response in Spanish as the translator tells LuFisto that she would NOT be facing Maria Maria. Kick to the gut and stunner! LuFisto’s shoe fly and Maria takes her mask off... It’s Allysin Kay! (see video below)

At Shine 44, Allysin Kay jumped on LuFisto right from the start. As LuFisto went for a cross-body block, Kay avoided the hit and the champion went flying on top of referee Frankie Gastineau. The fight then went all over The Orpheum!

The stage, the stair case, the bar, it was anything goes between the two enemies who used chairs, walls and the ring as weapons. Gastineau finally wakes up as the two wrestlers are heading back to the ring.

German Suplex by LuFisto, Saito Suplex by Allysin, Back Fist by the champion and finally Bicycle Kick by the challenger. Both women are down. As they both get up, Kay is in control until LuFisto kicks her in the gut and whips her to a corner for a splash. As the champion goes for another one, Allysin is right behind and Yakusa kicks LuFisto in the face. Kay runs towards the other corner as LuFisto follows… But the Wounded Owl trips over Kay and end up in a corner.

AK47 runs towards LuFisto who pops out of the corner. Cannonball and double face wash for a 2 count! LuFisto goes for a J-Driller but AK reverses into an Alabama Slam. 2 counts! Attempt of a superplex but the challenger but LuFisto headbutts her before flying with a flying head butt. Kay kicks out at 2! As she is up on LuFisto’s shoulder, Allysin slides down and wings for a clothesline… LuFisto avoids and Gastineau gets hit again!

Maria Maria comes out, gives a chair to LuFisto who swings at AK47… Only to miss and hit herself with the chair as it bounces back on the ropes. Allysin goes for a cover but Frankie Gastineau wakes up to see AK with a chair in hand and LuFisto knocked out. He disqualifies AK and LuFisto retains the Shine Championship.

Maria Maria (who delivered the chair to the ring) is unmasked by Kay as Brandi Lauren who runs off. Allysin takes her frustrations out on Gastineau with a stunner.



Weekend of Destruction at Shimmer!
July 12th 2017

Shimmer Women Athletes presented its Volumes 92 to 95 this past weekend of July 8th and 9th in Berwyn, IL. These events were following LuFisto’s brutal attack on Solo Darling at Volume 90 and victory over Leva Bates at Volume 91 in Orlando, FL. Here are the results.

On Volume 92, in a match where the Wounded Owl showed her dominance, LuFisto defeated KC Spinelli via Burning Hammer with KC showing great fighting spirit but never able to capitalise much during the match. LuFisto even attacked her after the victory but stopped just before referee Andy Long was ready to disqualify her and reverse the decision.

LuFisto was not schedule to appear on Volume 93 but made sure Shimmer officials would know about her discontent when she attacked Thunder Kitty as she was walking towards the ring. She threw Kitty in the guardrails and even choked her up with her own jacket before grabbing the mic. LuFisto states that she is sick of being forgotten while new girls and old farts like Thunder Kitty are getting opportunities.

On Volume 94, LuFisto defeated Rise Champion Shotzi Blackheart via Burning Hammer in a non-title match. Her original opponent was Thunderkitty but she wasn’t cleared to compete after LuFisto’s attack yesterday.  The Wounded Owl attacks Thunderkitty after the match, ripping off her neck brace. Solo Darling comes out for the save with a chain, chasing LuFisto off.

Volume 95 saw LuFisto and Solo Darling all over at ring side before the official announcement could be made.  Suplexes and slams on the floor, hard chops, use of guardrails, you name it! After Darling kicked out of LuFisto’s Cradle Brain Buster AND her Emerald Fusion, LuFisto snapped and got some scissors in the ring. She cut Solo’s tail from her and proceeded to cut the tail apart. She was disqualified but didn’t seem to care as she returned backstage laughing, holding her new prize. Solo vowed that this was far from over.


No AOW Women’s Championship for LuFisto… A 4-way No. 1 Contender Cruiserweight Match it is!
June 23rd 2017

LuFisto was first schedule to face Ashley Grace and Kat Von Heez for the AOW Women’s Championship at Alpha Omega Wrestling on June 18th but she was a no show… However, when the 4-way No. 1 Contender Cruiserweight Match participants started to be announced, LuFisto jumped on El Hype to take his place in the match also featuring Jarek 120, Owen Travers and Joey Ryan…

As Jarek goes for one of his famous magic tricks with the crowd where he gets a lady to write a number on a card that he mixes with others and finds again. LuFisto mentions that she also knows one magic trick and shows the crowd how she can separate her thumb in two… Unless Joey Ryan super kicks her outside the ring! Owen Travers is also thrown to the outside as Joey and Jarek are exchanging a few holds. Travers and LuFisto grab the two wrestlers’ feet as they are running the ropes. Jarek’s head hits the post hard as Joey is now LuFisto’s pray.

Owen and LuFisto are doing a good job at isolating Ryan and keep the Magic Man outside the squared circle… Until they both try to go for a cover and get the win. A fury of forearms is unleashed before LuFisto hits a splash in the corner on Travers. Jarek runs in and hits both of them… He runs towards the opposite corner where LuFisto follows him with a flying forearm and Travers with a high knee. It’s now Owen’s turn to run to the opposite corner but LuFisto fallows and hits him quickly. Running backside on Jarek and cannonball on Travers until LuFisto is the victim of Joey Ryan’s Boob Plex!

Joey and Owens go at it but they are stopped by a top rope dropkick from Jarek. LuFisto comes back in and rolls him up for a two count. Jarek then tells her to stop and pulls a coin out of her ear. LuFisto is completely surprised and calls tail on the toss, only to be punched in the face really hard for a 2-count. Jarek pics her up from the ground using his magic and runs towards the ropes, only to meet with LuFisto’s back fist and then picked up for a Widow Maker.

As LuFisto stands up, Owen Travers flips using the ropes to bounce himself and hits LuFisto with a cutter. 2 counts only! As Travers gets up, Joey Ryan is standing there and traps him in his infamous penis arm bar. Owen is suffering and gets flipped by Ryan’s famous dong! Joey then goes for his lollypop hidden in his tights. As he goes to put it in Traver’s mouth, LuFisto grabs hit and sticks it in Joey’s mouth and tells him to choke on it.

Jarek is right there, grabs LuFisto and throws her into Travers as both wrestlers end up outside the ring. Chokeslam Bomb from Jarek onto Joey for the win.

LuFisto is still mad a Joey and his looking for revenge!



Results from Women of Warriors, ACW Rogue Women Warriors and Tier 1 Wrestling!
June 13th 2017

Brookly, NY on Sunday! She would team with Jordynne Grace as Team PAWG on two occasions and wrestle in s singles match!

On Friday June 9th, Team PAWG took on the team of Holidead and Thunder Rosa known as the Twizted Sizterz who were defending their Sabotage Tag Team Championships. Holidead and Thunder used their lucha libre skills to surprise Jordynne and LuFisto at the beginning of the match but were stopped by the sheer power of Team PAWG. The fight would even end up to the outside until LuFisto and Grace went for the ATM on Holidead. LuFisto got knock out by a kick to the head from Thunder Rosa as Jordynne Grace was rolled up for the 1-2-3.

At ACW Rogue Women Warriors, LuFisto took on “The Princess of Darkness” Kaci Dillon. Kaci’s height and power would dominate LuFisto for a little while but the Wounded Owl retaliates with solid strikes and corner combos to take control of the fight. Dillon would cut LuFisto’s momentum with a corner splash. Unfortunately for Dillon, she missed a second rope splash which gave LuFisto an opportunity to roll her up with an Oklahoma Roll for the victory.

Last but not least, Team PAWG showed up at Tier 1 Wrestling to take on Tag Team Champions Mike Verna and Stockage (replacing David Starr). Verna was not too thrilled about hitting women as Stockade had no problem doing so at all. Stockade punched Jordynne in the face but the 300+ pounds man was quickly thrown on his head via Saito Suplex by LuFisto. Team PAWG would be in control for most of the match. There was even a bar fight sit down between Stockade and LuFisto! Mike Verna’s quickness would have the best of Team PAWG as he would roll up Jordynne Grace with a school boy while LuFisto suffered a hard lariat to the face by Stockade.

After the match, Stockade took the microphone to give props to the ladies, saying Jordynne was one of the best up and coming star and that it was an honor for him to face one of the best of all time and bar none the best female wrestler to ever wrestle in Death Matches, LuFisto.



LuFisto goes all the Way at the AWS Women’s Tournament but Loses to RAZE in the Finals!
May 30th 2017

The Alternative Wrestling Show presented its annual AWS Women’s Tournament for the 5th time on Saturday, May 27th 2017 in South Gate California where LuFisto was one of the 8 competitors. The winner would become the No. 1  Contender to Nicole Savoy’s AWS Women’s Championship.

In the first round, LuFisto takes on a well-known opponent in Solo Darling who now thinks she is a bee! Darling really plays with LuFisto’s nerves at the beginning of the match as the crowd laughs but LuFisto has none of it and lariats the bee violently. Despite LuFisto working on Solo’s neck with intensity and using every tactics she can, Solo is always fighting back. Unfortunately for her, she will be the victim of the Burning Hammer that advances LuFisto into the second round.

A first time ever in the second round as LuFisto takes on Renee Michelle whom she attacks right from the start. Michelle uses her quickness and retaliates as she sends LuFisto to the mat with two clotheslines and a drop kick. As she is down in a corner, LuFisto pops out of there as Renee crashes into the buckles before being knocked out by LuFisto’s posterior. She attempts a few submissions and chokes on Renee but the Native American surprises her with a Bridge German Suplex. Amazingly, LuFisto kicks out at one and hits Renee so hard with a lariat that she spins backwards. Both women are down. Renee will get really close to get the victory when she hits her Dreamcatcher and goes for her Moonsault but LuFisto moves out of the way. Michelle crashes to the mat and LuFisto wastes no time into delivering a J-Driller for the three count and move to the finals.

The finals of the tournament features LuFisto and RAZE and it is announced as a No Disqualification Match. Once again, LuFisto jumps on her opponent right away and both ladies are battling all over the Post American Legion 335. Chains, chairs, benches, walls, the ring itself and even the stage… Everything is used. LuFisto focuses on RAZE’s arm with several submissions and banging it against the posts and using the chairs to pull it out of its socket. Back inside, RAZE hits her Soul Eater Spear but LuFisto kicks out! RAZE just can’t believe it… Jordynne Grace shows up and hits RAZE who falls in the middle of the ring. ATM from Team PAWG!!

RAZE’s partner the Pumpkin Queen Sage Sin comes to her aid and pushes LuFisto into Jordynne before hitting LuFisto with a lung blower. Both RAZE and LuFisto are now lying in the ring. After a few seconds, the fighters get up to exchange a few blows until RAZE can hit a Samoan Drop on LuFisto. 2 counts only! LuFisto will be able afterwards to trap RAZE into a Cross Face but she pulls herself out of the ring… And when she comes back, she delivers a second Soul Taker onto LuFisto but the Wounded Owl flies to the outside.

RAZE pulls her back in and throws her into a corner when she goes for the Soul Eater again. LuFisto moves out of the way and RAZE hits the buckle. LuFisto runs towards her but the opponent moves out of the way, hits LuFisto with a devastating Saito Suplex and delivers a thirst Soul Eater Spear for the 3 count!

RAZE is now your new number 1 contender for the AWS Women’s Championship!




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May 23rd 2017

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Stefany Sinclair Spoils the Match Between Jazz and LuFisto…
May 22nd 2017

A dream match between LuFisto and current NWA Women’s Champion and former WWE Women’s Champion Jazz was set to take place at ACW-Rogue Women Warriors’ Sweet 17 on May 20th in Stevens, PA.

Both fighters shake hands as a sign of respect. They both exchange several holds until LuFisto has enough and forearms Jazz in the face. Jazz replies with a hit of her own which sends LuFisto to the outside. She pulls Jazz out and both brawl to the outside using the guardrails and the ring as a weapon. Referee Aubrey Rose has a very hard time getting this match back in the ring.

When finally both women are back in the squared circle, LuFisto attacks Jazz with several kicks and attempts to make the World Champion submit but to no avail. Jazz retaliates with some jabs and once again, the action ends up outside when hard chops can be heard and where the fans are even involved as Jazz slams LuFisto’s head on their feet placed on top of the guardrails.

Jazz throws LuFisto back inside where she hits a DDT. LuFisto kicks out at two! Jazz picks up LuFisto but the opponent hits a jawjacker followed by a corner splash. As LuFisto goes for another corner manoeuver and turns around to pick up momentum, Stefany Sinclair is right there with Jazz’s own NWA Women’s title and hits LuFisto on the skull.

The referee has no other choice but to disqualify Jazz. As the crowd is obviously upset, LuFisto grabs the mic and tells Sinclair that she better be ready for next month as she challenges her to a match with no rules for June 10th!



LuFisto Retains Her Title against Leva Bates at Shine and Submits Willow Nightingale at WSU!
May 15th 2017

It was a busy weekend for LuFisto has she flew to Ybor City on Friday May 12th to defend her precious Shine Wrestling Championship against Leva Bates and then to Philly to take on the debuting Willow Nightingale at Women Superstars Uncensored.

First, here are the results from Shine by our friends at

SHINE Championship Match:  LuFisto versus Leva

LuFisto mocks Leva and Leva slaps LuFisto.  Leva with forearms and shoulders.  Leva charges into the corner but LuFisto moves.  LuFisto with a cannonball and a running boot into the corner.  LuFisto with a kick and a rear chin lock.  LuFisto with a forearm across the chest and she kicks Leva in the head.  LuFisto chops Leva and then she chokes Leva in the corner.  LuFisto with a chop in the corner.  Leva with a chop to LuFisto but LuFisto gets in a few shots on Leva and she chokes the challenger in the ropes.  LuFisto with a butterfly suplex for a near fall.

LuFisto with an Irish whip but Leva with a kick and a drop kick followed by a hesitation kick in the corner.  LuFisto with a clothesline.  LuFisto with a forearm to the back and she applies a camel clutch.  LuFisto continues to work on the back and then she sends Leva into the turnbuckles.  LuFisto with a running butt splash into the corner.  LuFisto with a bow and arrow around the ring post.  LuFisto with a chin lock with Leva hanging over the apron. 

LuFisto with forearms to Leva as she rolls her along the apron and then LuFisto with a running boot to the head.  Leva with punches from the floor and then she chops LuFisto.  LuFisto sends Leva into the apron and then she kicks Leva.  LuFisto brings Leva to the bar but Leva punches LuFisto and sends her into the bar.  Leva with a cross body off the bar.  Leva goes to the bar again and she takes a drink and consumes it.  Leva stomps on LuFisto's hand. 

LuFisto gets on the bar but Leva trips LuFisto onto the bar.  Leva sends LuFisto back into the ring.  Leva kicks LuFisto and Leva hits Sliced Bread #2 but LuFisto kicks out at two.  LuFisto with Gut Check but Leva kicks out.  LuFisto puts Leva on the turnbuckles and LuFisto climbs as well.  Leva blocks it and sets for a Pepsi Plunge off the turnbuckles but LuFisto stops her.  LuFisto goes for a superplex but Leva blocks it.

Leva with a double stomp to the back for a near fall.  LuFisto with a forearm but Leva with a Japanese arm drag into the turnbuckles.  Leva with a super kick for a near fall.  LuFisto wtih a punch and a package brainbuster for a near fall.  LuFisto gets Leva up on her shoulders but Leva escapes.  LuFisto with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.  LuFisto with a butterfly piledriver but Leva kicks out at one. 

Leva with slaps to LuFisto followed by punches.  LuFisto with a back fist and a Burning Hammer for the three count. LuFisto offers her hand to Leva after the match but when Leva lifts up her hand, LuFisto gives her the finger.

Women Superstars Uncensored’s Battle Tested…

LuFisto attacks Nightingale from the start but Willow quickly avoids the hit and attempts several quick pin falls on LuFisto. The Wounded Owl rolls outside before being pulled back in where she finally takes control of the fight after Willow misses a santon.

LuFisto hits, kicks and chokes Nightingale before the opponent kicks her in the head from the apron. LuFisto however kicks Willow in the legs and proceed to use the ring apron, post and even the guardrails to weaken her knees. LuFisto attempts a few submissions but Willow won’t give up. She even delivers a second rope dropkick as both ladies are now down on the mat.

Nightingale painfully delivers a clothesline, an elbow and a side walk slam for a 2 count. Spinebuster but LuFisto kicks out and rolls into a corner. Back cracker from the ropes but LuFisto kicks out at 2 once again. Willow goes for a cannonball but LuFisto moves out of the way and delivers one of her own followed by a faced wash and a leg DDT.

Willow is clenching her leg as LuFisto goes for another submission. Nightingale reaches the ropes, elbows and jaw jacks LuFisto before going for a big boot… But LuFisto moves out of the way as Willow’s leg gets trapped into the ropes. LuFisto viciously kicks it and traps Willow into La Crucetta.

Willow Nightingale submits and LuFisto is declared the winner!




LuFisto Disposes of a Bad, Bad Girl and Team PAWG Still Undefeated!
May 1st 2017

On the weekend of April 29th and 30th, LuFisto travelled to Enfield, CT and Providence, RI to once again wrestling for Beyond Wrestling. In her first match, LuFisto faced one half of Janelope, the Bad Bad Girl Penelope Ford. The following day, Jordynne Grace and LuFisto aka TEAM PAWG was back in tag team action to take on the team of Alpha Sigma Sigma, Anthony Greene and Brick Mastone.

Right from the star Penelope attacks LuFisto and, using her gymnastic background, even delivers a razzle dazzle hand spring elbow to the corner. Unfortunately for her, LuFisto stops her momentum hard with a vicious lariat. LuFisto proceeds to stretch Ford so bad that she even hits her head using her own foot. Penelope fights back using manoeuvers such as a standing moonsault but she is then the victim of a Widowmaker. Ford fights back and kicks out of LuFisto’s gut buster, cannonball and even her Cradle Brainbuster. The Bad Bad Girl might be small but she is one tough cookie. LuFisto will finally be able to get the victory via Burning Hammer!

In Providence, Rhode Island, following the event LuFisto missed due to a concussion the previous month, Alpha Sigma Sigma had made fun of her using a blow-up doll. It didn’t take long for LuFisto to kick Anthony Greene and the doll in the face as soon as the bell rang.

Jordynne and Brick are facing each other in what we could call a “butt- showdown” but they are quickly pulled outside by Greene and LuFisto. Both jump in the ring where LuFisto German suplexes her bigger opponent before being able to pick him up via sidewalk slam as Jordynne Grace jumps from the second rope with a leg drop. Jordynne picks up momentum until she is brutally stopped by Anthony who piledrives her!

Mastone applies a Camel Clutch with the doll wichs makes LuFisto furious.  Jordynne is finally able to retaliate with a Sunset Powerbomb and make the tag with LuFisto! LuFisto hits both Mastone and Greene before knocking them out in opposite corners with running epitaph, a cannonball and drop kick. She even stomps the doll and kicks it out of the ring! She picks up Anthony Greene on her shoulder but he slides behind and super kicks her before giving her a Back Craker. Jordynne comes in and hits him with a Wheelbarrow Face Plant.

Brick Mastone Picks her up and delivers is “Go to Ass” before running towards LuFisto. The Wounded Owl moves out of the way and sends Mastone right on the ring post which knocks him outside of the ring. LuFisto avoids a kick from Greene and picks him up to deliver a Widowmaker. ATM from Jordynne and LuFisto and Team PAWG gets the 1-2-3 and are still undefeated at Beyond Wrestling!



Awesome Collectors Items For Sale!!
April 27th 2017

LuFisto is selling some exclusive ring-worn accessories and gear, including one that defined her career back in 2000!

LuFisto's Official Police Jacket

Official police jacket that was modified for LuFisto that was worn for her entrance. Comes with 100% real leather hand-made belt.

LuFisto's Japanese Kick Pad Covers

Kick pad covers with “LuFisto” in Japanese on one that were worn many times in matches against Sara del Rey at JAPW, in LuFisto’s win Vs Portia Perez for the NCW Femmes Fatales Championship, against Christina Von Eerie in their hardcore fight at Smash, in Mexico when she won the Lucha Pop Campenato and more!!

LuFisto's Pink Ronin Scarf

Pink scarf that LuFisto wore many times in many promotions including Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, Women Uncensored Superstars in such matches such as versus Heidi Lovelace, Jessicka Havok, Jordynne Grace and so many more!

LuFisto, The First Lady of Hardcore

A real piece of history here! These are the top and shorts LuFisto was wearing when she was given the nickname of “First Lady of Hardcore” while wrestling for the Hardcore Wrestling Federation in Ontario, Canada back in 2000! The whole Ontario Commission thing? That's where it started! This very rare vintage outfit LuFisto has kept for over 17 years is now up for grabs!

If you are interested, shoot LuFisto an e-mail at! Best offer wins!



No Shayna Baszler at AIW… Owner John Thorne Steps Up and Fights LuFisto All Over the Building!
April 23rd 2017

LuFisto was schedule to take on Shayna Baszler for the AIW Women’s Championship on April 1st but unfortunately, Shayna was not able to make it to the event “The Next Episode” because of traveling issues. Standing in the ring waiting for the champion, LuFisto is told by the AIW commissioner that she unfortunately won’t be fighting for the title but that he found an opponent for her… None other than owner John Thorne returning to the ring for one night for this Hardcore Fight, Falls Counts Anywhere!

The crowd is going crazy at the announcement of Thorne wrestling as LuFisto leaves the ring and walks towards her newly announced opponent. John kicks her in the gut and both end up into the guardrails before fighting in the concessions stands. LuFisto is thrown into the wall and the chairs before the action goes into the bleachers. Both exchange chops before Thorne is thrown onto the bleachers with a backdrop.

The action goes near the merchandise area where John suplexes LuFisto onto a pile of chairs and even hits her on the head with her own picture book. LuFisto crawls behind her merchandise table and grabs something underneath. She hits Thorne on the head with the Shine Championship!! Thorne kicks out and both head towards the main stage.

John slams LuFisto’s head on the floor of the stage but LuFisto retaliates by giving a Saito Suplex to Thorne on the ramp! LuFisto gets a chair and dropkicks him right in the face while he is sitting. Unfortunately for LuFisto, John  gives her a devastating lariat that sends her crashing to the concrete floor and then hits her with a chair in the back. He then throws her back into the ring.

As LuFisto sits in one corner, John runs towards her. LuFisto avoids the hit and sends Thorne into the buckle. She places a chair on top of him and delivers a cannonball. Two counts only! She picks him up but John low blows her… Which has no effect at all. He climbs on the second rope but LuFisto stops him and attempts a Burning Hammer. Thorne blocks the motion and kicks LuFisto in the gut before hitting her with a double axe handle on the back. LuFisto crumbles to the mat and John delivers a second rope stomp. LuFisto kicks out at two!

Thorne places LuFisto on a chair and runs towards her… LuFisto drop toe holds him on the chair and delivers a single-woman Conchairto right on the top of this head for the 1-2-3!

LuFisto takes the microphone and gives props to Thorne tonight out got out of retirement after 5 years telling him he is “One tough mother******” as the crowd is giving them a standing ovation.



Leva Bates Challenges LuFisto for the Shine Championship... LuFisto Answers!
April 18th 2017

Yesterday, Leva Bates has official challenge Shine Champion LuFisto to a title match on May 12th at Shine 42.

Leva is truly a SHINE Original and a young lady who has metamorphosized through highs and lows in her career but right now, a very serious Leva is laying out a challenge to the reigning and defending SHINE Champion LuFisto to defend her championship at SHINE 42. How will the champ reply?

Well, it only took 24 hours for the champ to give an answer to Leva...

We hope you join us on when WWN & SHINE Wrestling present SHINE 42 on Friday, May 12th at 9 PM EDT from the Southeastern Home of WWN, The Orpheum (1915 E. 7th Avenue, Ybor City, FL). Tickets are on sale now at! Info at

Subscribe to FloSlam now for just $20 a month or $150 for a whole year and get the live stream of SHINE 42 with unlimited viewing of the Video on Demand as well as access to WWN Family productions, including EVOLVE Wrestling, SHINE Wrestling, Full Impact Pro Wrestling, Style Battle, American Combat Wrestling and Dragon Gate USA!



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