It was on June 20th 1997 that LuFisto first stepped in a wresting ring. Ever since, she has travelled the world, won countless championships, male and female, fought the government for women’s rights and has broken all the rules when it comes to inter-gender wrestling.

Throughout the years, she has fought the toughest opponents and has been involved in every possible type of matches you can think of. Although she has left her ultra-violent past behind, this former Queen AND King of the Death Matches is still one of the most intense competitors you will witness today.

Nicknamed “The Wounded Owl” after all the scars and knowledge she collected on her quest to revolutionize women’s wrestling, her main goal has always been to prove that women are a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.

One-half of Team P.A.W.G. with Jordynne Grace at Beyond Wrestling, she is the One Woman Army, the One Woman Revolution.

Welcome to the Wounded Owl University, where knowledge is acquired through pain.


Still Shine Champion and... LuFisto, Another Victim of Joey Ryan!
September 19th 2017

LuFisto travelled from east to west the weekend of September 15th to 17th, first to defend her Shine Championship against Ivelisse and Holidead and then to take on Joey Ryan.

On Friday at Shine 45 in Ybor City FL, the match starts quickly between Ivelisse, LuFisto and Holidead and ends up outside where both challengers target the champion.

The tension builds up rapidly between Holidead and Ivelisse though as LuFisto is able to capitalize on the situation by throwing Ivelisse outside the ring and hitting Holidead with her Burning Hammer to remain the Shine Champion.

LuFisto then grabs the microphone and stats that she now has been champion for 9 months and that she can defeat anybody. She ain't scare of nobody.

Then on Sunday, LuFisto took on Joey Ryan at Alpha Omega Wrestling in Victorville, CA. Right from the start, Ryan asks LuFisto to "touch it" but LuFisto wants none of it. As she attempts an Atomic Drop on Joey, she hurts her knee with his "dong of steel" but quickly regains control by sending his head face first into a turnbuckle.

After a few minutes though, Joey hits a dropkick and goes for a cover. LuFisto kicks out and retaliates with a Widow Maker. 2 counts. Joey goes for a clothesline, LuFisto avoids it and goes for a flying clothesline. Ryan moves out of the way and delivers his famous Boobplex!

LuFisto is now trapped in Joey's devastating penis grip and gets flipped. 2 counts only again! Joey gets a blow pop out of his pants but LuFisto stops him before he can put it in her mouth. As they are fighting with the pop, the poor referee ends up with it in his mouth.

As the referee is gagging, LuFisto is able to hit her Mangalizer but the ref is nowhere to be found. As LuFisto pulls him up, she turns around and gets trapped in a quick small package from Joey. 1-2-3. Ryan wins!


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“Unholy Messiah” by Overunit Machine – LuFisto’s Official Entrance Music



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