It was on June 20th 1997 that LuFisto first stepped in a wresting ring. Ever since, she has travelled the world, won countless championships, male and female, fought the government for women’s rights and has broken all the rules when it comes to inter-gender wrestling.

Throughout the years, she has fought the toughest opponents and has been involved in every possible type of matches you can think of. Although she has left her ultra-violent past behind, this former Queen AND King of the Death Matches is still one of the most intense competitors you will witness today.

Nicknamed “The Wounded Owl” after all the scars and knowledge she collected on her quest to revolutionize women’s wrestling, her main goal has always been to prove that women are a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.

One-half of Team P.A.W.G. with Jordynne Grace at Beyond Wrestling, she is the One Woman Army, the One Woman Revolution.

Welcome to the Wounded Owl University, where knowledge is acquired through pain.


Successful Shine Championship Defense at VIP Wrestling and Close but No Cigar at Wrestle Circus!
August 7th 2017

On August 4th and 5th, LuFisto flew to Texas to first defend her Shine Championship in Arlington agsint Machiko San, the first time ever this precious title was defended in the Lone Star State but also to hopefully get her hands on more gold, Wrestle Circus’ Lady of the Ring and Side Show Championships held by Tessa Blanchard.

LuFisto attacks Machiko right from the start of the match but Machiko’s athletic abilities sends LuFisto to the outside. Both ladies fight in front of the crowd until the Wounded Owl delivers a power bomb on the apron on the challenger.

LuFisto then controls the match for a few instants until Machiko is able to hit a back cracker. She them clotheslines, big boots and super kicks LuFisto for some close falls. Unfortunately for Machiko, in the end, LuFisto is able to hit her with her Burning Hammer for the victory.

At Wrestle Circus, LuFisto uses the same idea to start the match was she surprises Tessa Blanchard with a quick upper cuts and several chops. Tessa retaliates with hard forearms and a drop kick to the back but is stopped fairly quickly by her challenger who then focuses on damaging her left knee.

LuFisto uses the ring as a weapon, some stretches and hard kicks to weaken Blanchard’s knee even more. The 3rd Generation wrestler fights back as hard as she can, even suplexing LuFisto on the hard concrete. Both ladies return to the ring where Tessa is able to hit a Code Breaker on LuFisto before avoiding to attacks in the corner from her opponent.

Short arm clotheslines and two cutters by Tessa but LuFisto kicks out. Blanchard goes for her top rope Code Breaker but LuFisto sends her flying with an exploder Suplex. Tessa kicks out but she is then trapped in la Crucetta. Blanchard barely makes it to the ropes. She pushes LuFisto away and delivers a painful super kick. 2 counts only!

LuFisto reverses an Irish Whip into her Cradle Brainbuster, Tessa Kicks out, LuFisto picks her top on her shoulder, and Blanchard slides behind and delivers a Hammerlock DDT. The Lady of the Ring and Side Show Champion goes for her signature manoeuvers again but LuFisto stops her by scratching her back with her nails.

LuFisto goes for her Burning Hammer but Tessa rolls down from her shoulder on the momentum and rolls LuFisto up for the three count and a hard-fought victory!         


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“Unholy Messiah” by Overunit Machine – LuFisto’s Official Entrance Music



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