First Lady of Hardcore. Innovator of Intergender. Mother Superior of Violence. Hall of Famer. // Proud Chief Executive Officer, Chief Content Officer, and Multimedia Designer of Women's Wrestling Syndicate - Built by women, for women.

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For the past years, LuFisto has filled the roles of in-ring talent, creative consultant, trainer, multimedia designer, agent, and Gorilla position. Now, she steps into the two new roles: Chief Executive Officer and Chief Content Officer of her own wrestling promotion: The Women’s Wrestling Syndicate

As a team leader, LuFisto supervises the business decisions, operations, marketing, development, finance, and human resources. Being Chief Content Officer, she oversees the creative writing, talent relations and its development, live events, and creative services departments. Her two degrees in multimedia and graphic designs come in handy as she creates media content, from editing videos to publicities.

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LuFisto - A Quick Bio

LuFisto has been involved in the field of professional wrestling for over 26 years. Although she was primarily a professional wrestler, she has fulfilled several roles over the years such as creative advisor, trainer, multimedia designer, agent, and Gorilla position for various promotions.

As a professional wrestler, LuFisto is known for her versatile style, crushing intensity and willingness to put her body on the line to preserve her status as one of the toughest wrestlers to ever step into the squared circle. She has performed in several countries such as Canada, the United States, Germany, England, Mexico and Japan.

A fervent defender of women's rights, LuFisto fought body and soul so that women wrestlers would be looked at and respected at the same level as their male colleagues. She popularized intergender matches while winning several championships and tournaments reserved for men. Her most important victory was against the Ontario Athletic Commission which prevented women from fighting against men. After four years of legal battle with the Human Rights Commission at her side, LuFisto knocked out the commission and changed the law.

Over the years, she has collected 14 men's titles and 12 women's titles, won eight tournaments and is now a member of seven halls of fame, the most important being the Independent Wrestling Hall of Fame, an honor she has received in New York in 2022.

Since February 2024, LuFisto acts as President and CEO, Content Manager and graphic designer of her own all-female promotion, the Women’s Wrestling Syndicate in Montreal.

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