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LATEST UPDATES (July 23rd 2015): RockStar Pro Results and Calendar Updated.



07/23/15 – Brutal Women’s Match at RockStar Pro Wrestling Between “The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker” and the “The Wounded Owl Ronin”!

From www.rockstarprowrestling.com...

Dayton’s adopted daughter, “The Wounded Owl Ronin” LuFisto made a special appearance to take on west coast sensation “The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker” Raze.  



07/20/15 – LuFisto and “Crazy” Mary Dobson Deliver a Stellar Performance in the first-ever Women's Match in Albuquerque!

On Saturday July 18th, history was made as the Destiny Wrestling Organization presented the first-ever Women's Match in Albuquerque, New Mexico featuring LuFisto and “Crazy” Mary Dobson...



07/13/15 – Loss at Girl Fight but Major Win at Atomic Championship Wrestling!

On Tuesday July 7th, LuFisto travelled to Jeffersonville, Indiana to take on “Crazy” Mary Dobson for Strickly N’Sane Wrestling’s Girl Fight. Later that same week, on Saturday July 11th, LuFisto was a special guest at Atomic Championship Wrestling, meeting fans, taking pictures and signing autographed. She wasn’t scheduled for a match until a big opportunity came about…



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07/04/15 - Upset Win From Samantha Heights Thanx to Kyle Maverick!

As taken from www.rockstarprowrestling.com...

The Rockstar Nation was treated to a ladies match at "United We Stand" between Samantha Heights and "Wounded Owl Ronin" LuFisto...



07/02/15 - New Collector's Items Available!

Red Devil Costume - A wrestling gear that was part of some of LuFisto's most important matches in the past 2 years!

The Blue Owl - What LuFisto was wearing the day Pegaboo died at the hands of DJ Hyde.



06/28/15 - Revenge on Bree Allison at MidWest Pro Wrestling!

On Saturday, June 27th 2015, LuFisto returned to MidWest Impact Pro, this time in Marquette Heights, Illinois, where she was taking on Bree Alison once again, looking for revenge.

LuFisto and Bree lock up but LuFisto throws her to the mat...



06/15/15 – LuFisto Defeats Leva Bates but Tessa Blanchard Cheats to Advance in the Queens of Combat Tournament!

On the weekend of June 13th and 14th, LuFisto travelled to North Carolina to participate in the Queens of Combat Tournament to determine who will become the first QoC champion next November...



06/08/15 – Another Win Via Burning Hammer in Georgia!

LuFisto returned to the beautiful state of Georgia, this time to Ellijay for the Deep Southern Championship Wrestling organization as she was taking on the masked superstar Hindu in an inter-gender showdown...


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Mixing scientific skills and bone shattering violence, LuFisto has blazed the rings all over the Great White North, Mexico, Japan and Europe. Holder of numerous championships, this strong-style artist continues to demonstrate a willingness to put her body on the line to preserve and further her status as one of the toughest fighters out there! To find everything you need to know about the "Wounded Owl Ronin" LuFisto, you've come to the right place!

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**HD** As part of the main event of the WSU Secret Show No. 4, LuFisto took on the powerful and talented Chris Dickinson. See him use his sleaze in a pretty hilarious way given how hard LuFi hits him in response...

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