LuFisto - Professional Wrestler
First Lady of Hardcore. Innovator of Intergender. Mother Superior of Violence. Hall of Famer.

LuFisto Speaks with False Count Radio

September 23, 2023 - False Count Radio’s Andrew Karluk catches up with the Innovator of Intergender, First Lady of Hardcore, Mother Superior of Violence and member of the 2022 Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame, LuFisto on a variety of topics!

  • How did LuFisto get started in wrestling?
  • Who were some of her favorites growing up?
  • How did she learn to speak English?
  • The aftermath of the AEW controversy!
  • About working with Mercedes Martinez!
  • What happened between LuFisto and Jacques Rougeau?

For the first time ever, LuFisto breaks her silence after more than 20 years as she tells the whole story here and why she wants people to stay away from former WWE Superstar Jacques Rougeau.

All this and much, much more!

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LuFisto - A Quick Bio

Mixing scientific skills with bone shattering violence, LuFisto has always demonstrated a willingness to put her body on the line to preserve her status as one of the toughest professional wrestlers that ever stepped in the squared circle. With 26 years of experience, LuFisto has been competing in various promotions in Canada, United States, Germany, England, Mexico and Japan. 

Besides performing as a wrestler, LuFisto has also filled the roles of producer, agent and gorilla position throughout the years. Holding two degrees in Graphic and Multimedia Design, she has helped many independent wrestling promotions with their website, social media and publicity adds of all kinds. She also designs wrestling gear.

As a locker room colleague or during her seminars, LuFisto always makes a concerted effort in sharing her knowledge with the new generation. She takes great pride in playing ring general, helping newcomers with their matches, character development and general professional etiquette by being an example of strength and never say die attitude.

The First Lady of Hardcore. The Innovator of Intergender.  Mother Superior of Violence. Hall of Fame Inductee. 

Cancer survivor, cat lover, coffee addict and heavy metal head banger!

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CP 1021 Sorel
Sorel-Tracy, Qc
J3P 7L4

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